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2024 Bathroom Design Trends: Crafting Sanctuaries in Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom design trends

The year 2024 marks a shift in bathroom design trends, where functionality meets personal flair and wellness. Interior designer Jessica Dorling forecasts, ‘Expect a surge in the popularity of patterns in both flooring and wall designs in 2024.’ This view reflects a broader trend. Designers now see bathrooms as spaces to blend modernity, personality, and wellness.

2024 bathroom design trends
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2024 Bathroom Design Trends to Look Out For

Innovative Patterns and Wellness Features:

  • Geometric Patterns: “Chevron, basketweave, and herringbone patterns will dominate 2024,” predicts Jessica Dorling, emphasizing a focus beyond color to innovative tile arrangements.
  • Steam Showers: “Health and wellness take center stage with steam showers,” asserts Wendy Glaister, citing benefits like allergy relief and improved sleep.
  • Wet Rooms: “Integrating bathtubs into shower spaces elevates the luxury of bathing,” notes Devon Wegman, envisioning a more indulgent bathing experience.
bathroom trends
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Bold Designs and Personal Expression:

  • Playful Wallpaper: Betsy Burnham encourages using wallpaper as a hero piece to express personality, from classic prints to mural-like designs.
  • Peachy Tones: Embracing Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, Justina Blakeney sees peach hues as vibrant yet calming.
  • Textured Tiles and Stones: Amber Peterson and Philip Consalvo champion textured tiles and bold, veiny stones. They add striking visual texture to spaces.
bathroom design trends 2024
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Functional Elegance and Spa-like Features:

  • Separate Sinks and Floating Vanities: Raili Clasen and Lori Moscato suggest personalizing spaces with separate sinks and floating vanities for a modern, storage-efficient approach.
  • Spa Features: Brad Ramsey notes the trend towards spa-like features at home, like steam showers and saunas, reflecting a shift towards health and wellness.

Wrapping Up

In 2024, bathroom designs actively fuse personal style with wellness and contemporary aesthetics. Linda Hayslett highlights a significant shift towards European-inspired plastered shower walls, moving away from traditional tiling. These trends, ranging from playful wallpapers to luxurious spa-like features, actively inspire and transform bathroom spaces, offering fresh and personalized approaches to bathroom remodeling.

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FAQ Section:

What is the trend for bathrooms in 2024?

Combining modern design, personal expression, and wellness features, 2024 bathrooms are becoming personalized sanctuaries with a focus on functional elegance.

What color fixtures are in style in 2024?

Warm tones like peach, along with moody hues like deep green and navy blue, are trending, offering a mix of vibrancy and tranquility.

What is the trend in tile in 2024?

Geometric patterns and textured tiles are in vogue, adding depth and character to bathroom spaces.

What bathroom fixtures are timeless?

Classic elements like clawfoot tubs and pedestal sinks continue to be timeless, complementing various design styles.