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Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen TilesKitchen tiles are among the most important elements of kitchen decoration with their numerous color and pattern options. So kitchen tiles, which you can use not only in the kitchen but also in different areas of your home such as the entrance and corridor, offer you long-term use thanks to their water-resistant structure.

Whether you are having a partial kitchen/bathroom renovation or making a full home remodeling, tiles are one of the elements that have a direct impact on the general appearance of the entire house. For kitchen or bathrooms, tiles are very useful and practical, which made them used widely.

So, where and how to use tiles? What should you pay attention to choosing the right tile type, size, and color? As Prime Custom, we are working with the top tile companies, and provide the best quality tiles with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and material selections. Now let’s see how to choose the right tiles.

Why Choose Tiles for Bathroom or Kitchen?

Tiles are one of the best and fanciest choices for wet floor areas. That is why most people prefer using them in the kitchen and bathrooms. They are preferred because of these features;

  • This is the most important reason that people prefer them. Their surface is smooth, and they create a wonderful and clean appearance that they are widely preferred at hospitals, laboratories, warehouses, wherever hygiene is very important. Their clean resemblance is the most important feature which is widely accepted.
  • High-resistance. Tiles are great elements against water. Water-resistance is the most important reason that they are used in wet areas. As kitchens and bathrooms are subject to steam, water, and moisture; tiles are successfully used in these areas.
  • Tiles are very durable against all kinds of human traffic, all kinds of scratches and stains. Their surface and structure are very strong to stand all these forces and factors.
  • Easy maintenance. Tiles are very easy to clean, a wet rag is enough and other than this, there is almost no need for any kind of maintenance. This ease makes them very popular to use nearly everywhere.

These are the reasons why tiles are very popular. So, where do we use tiles?

Where to Use Tiles?

Actually, tiles can be used in every part of the house. But as they are more expensive and harder to install when compared to other flooring types; using them everywhere is not efficient. So, we generally use them in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places that are subject to water and moisture.

As kitchen tiles, we use them as kitchen floor tiles, kitchen wall tiles, and kitchen backsplash tiles. Some people also choose tile kitchen countertops and islands. But floor and wall use is optional, and not preferred commonly.

On the other hand, tiles are commonly used almost in every part of the bathrooms. Other than sinks and bathtubs, the rest of the walls and floors are constructed with tiles.

Difference Between Kitchen tiles and Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are generally called kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. They may not seem different from each other, but each group has its own shapes and features.

Other than this, tiles can be grouped according to their shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. There are so many selections according to their sizes, patterns, and colors. You can choose the best selections according to your needs and tastes.

But according to tile shapes or tile styles, some common selections are popularly known. Subway tiles, mosaics, marble tiles, textured tiles, neutral tiles are some of the trending tile styles.

As Prime Custom, we work with the best tile companies and provide top-quality tiles. For more information, please contact us.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles can consist of ceramic stones with certain geometric forms, as well as tile models in which different materials are used together, are among the product options in this category.

One of the most important points to consider when choosing tiles is to know well in which area and on which products the products will be used. If you want to use your tiles on the floor, you can evaluate the alternatives that are designed for use on the floor, so you can take advantage of long-term use with more durable products. Since the products designed for the floor are large in size, they offer ease of use and also make cleaning more comfortable.

There are many models depending on the colors of the stones on the plates, which are created by combining tiles stones of different colors, especially cut in square and rectangular shapes. While it is seen that glass mosaics are used in some products, the user has the opportunity to obtain the desired texture on the kitchen walls by choosing the product of his choice among these models.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen wall tiles with various appearances such as natural stone and brick are also among the alternative products offered for sale under this category. In addition, kitchen wall tiles with modern patterns, which is one of the decoration trends of recent years, seem to be in high demand by users.

These products, which are lovingly used in both floor coverings and wall tiles, are frequently preferred in places outside the kitchen, like other kitchen tiles. The use of such products in transition areas such as entrances and halls is frequently encountered in different places such as workplaces, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, apart from residences.

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