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Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Design

Bathroom Remodel ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Design

Would you like to have a modern and enjoyable bathroom by renovating your bathroom? Then you are in the right place. As Prime Custom, we will give you bathroom renovation ideas. You can have detailed information about bathroom renovation by examining our content named Everything you need to know about bathroom renovation.
In this context, we will present you with new bathroom ideas with before and after images. Here you can find bathroom remodel ideas before and after solutions.

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As the bathroom renovation process is difficult, it can be disappointing if not done flawlessly. If you do not know how to make a bathroom renovation, how long does it take, you can get support by contacting professional bathroom designers? Instead of looking for answers to the questions of how many days a bathroom renovation will take, will I have to spend a lot of money, working with professionals gives you many advantages.

To create a magnificent bathroom by making a bathroom renovation, you must first complete the bathroom renovation calculation process. Bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, personal wishes are the points you should pay attention to in the bathroom renovation process. When you learn these topics, you will not have to look for answers to questions such as how to make a bathroom renovation or whether a bathroom renovation will take a long time.

In this content, you can find master bathroom remodel ideas and small bathroom remodel ideas. For example with bathroom shower remodel ideas you can create new shower space for your bathroom. Or with bathroom tile remodel ideas you can change the view of your bathroom at all.

In this context, you can get help from Prime Custom as a Bathroom remodeling company.

14 Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Design – Before& After Photos

  1. Start with walls and tiles

The first example of bathroom remodels ideas is about tiles and walls. Below you can see bathroom tile remodel ideas with bathroom wallpaper.

As in every area of the house, the walls in the bathroom have the power to change the atmosphere. Therefore, for the bathroom renovation process, you can first start with the kitchen tile renovation.

Also, as another wall renovation option, you can cover your bathroom walls with water-resistant styrofoam and practically create a brand new bathroom look.

bathroom tiles renovation

2. Enhance Bathroom Decoration with New Storage Solutions

You can get the storage areas you need thanks to bathroom arrangement suggestions and storage areas, which are among the smart solutions for small bathrooms. For this, you can buy a new bathroom cabinet or paint and renew the existing cabinet. In addition, adhesive foils can be a renewal solution for cabinets that will not come into direct contact with water.

Alongside cabinets, wall shelves can be stylish and useful storage spaces. It is possible to save space thanks to the decorative wall shelf that you can mount on a suitable bathroom wall! In addition, you can make the area more organized by getting help from the shower shelves in the shower cabin.

bathroom cabinet renovation

3. Replace Faucets and Shower Heads

Even a small change or addition can add elegance to space! If you think your bathroom and sink faucets are getting old, now is the time to renew them! Thanks to the faucets with different color and model options, you can more strongly reflect the decoration style you want to bring to life in the space. In the meantime, you can also consider changing the shower sets. Moreover, let us remind you that economical shower heads can help you protect your budget and nature.

bathroom faucet and shower heads renovation before after

4. Be Extraordinary in Choosing a Bathroom Mirror.

How about adding color to space by making different choices in mirrors, which are indispensable for bathrooms? Mirrors that contribute to the decoration of your home can also help you in bathroom decoration. All you have to do is take a look at the decorative mirrors and place an option in the area that suits your bathroom decoration style!

bathroom renovation mirror

5. Get Help From Lighting Products

How about changing the atmosphere of the space by including brand new lighting products in your bathroom? We are talking about more than ceiling fixtures used in bathroom decoration. For example, you can have functional lighting while greatly changing the visuality of the space with sconces or pendants that you will install on both sides of your bathroom cabinet.

bathroom lightling

6. Try new colors in the bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most humid and damp rooms in the house. Since it is constantly intertwined with water and other liquids during the day, paints that are resistant to water and moisture should be preferred in the painting processes to be made in this area.
Instead of painting your bathroom walls, you can also change the tiles and add a brand new look to the bathroom.

bathroom tile remodel ideas

7. Pamper yourself with a new shower cabin.

With compact shower units that offer a luxurious bathing experience, you can turn your morning shower into a relaxing and invigorating process. Thanks to their easy installation, these ceramic-based shower units not only change the air of your bathroom but also provide a more enjoyable bathing experience.
If you want a change that will pamper you completely and your bathroom will look like it came out of a luxury hotel, you can also choose from tubs that will suit any bathroom with their soft and modern lines.

shower cabin remodel ideas

8. Bathroom Floor Renovation

With bathroom floor renovation, you can add a very stylish look to your bathroom. Today, the use of parquet for bathroom floors is becoming widespread. Or you can get a brand new bathroom design with parquet-like tiles.

bathroom floor remodel ideas

9. Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you have a small bathroom, there are many ideas for renovating it. The image below shows you how to make changes in a small bathroom. First of all, the bathroom walls were changed and painted in a more spacious color, and the bathroom was shown larger than it is. In addition, by using a glass shower, the bathroom is shown to be wider. In addition, even a relaxation area has been created in this small bathroom. So with a professional bathroom renovation, even small bathrooms can have a very stylish design.

If you want to achieve a simple and stylish look in your bathroom, we recommend you use wood tones. As you can see in the bathroom renovation image below, natural colors always have a relaxing effect in the bathroom. You can also design your bathroom cabinet and tiles using natural colors.

basic and chic bathroom

10. Modern Bathroom Renovation

If you want to get a modern look in the bathroom, you can use white. Especially if you have a small bathroom, the white color will make your bathroom look larger and more spacious. At the same time, one of the first colors you can use for a modern bathroom is white. In the image below, you can see the change of a small bathroom with white color.

modern bathroom remodel ideas

11. Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The bathroom renovation idea you see below is presented to you as a master bathroom remodel idea. As you can see, the bathroom is large and spacious. There are many bathroom renovation ideas in such large bathrooms. As the scope and scope of the project expand, the creativity rate increases, and more eye-catching projects emerge.

As you can see in the large bathroom below, the bathroom storage space has been expanded and a large walk-in shower and also a jacuzzi have been built. By using a modern bathroom tile, the area is shown wider than it is. By using enough bathroom lighting, it is defined as bright and spacious as there is space. What do you think, isn’t it a great master bathroom remodel idea?

master bathroom remodeling

12. Bathroom Tile Remodel Ideas

Marble bathroom tile models are also very popular in 2021. In the bathroom tile remodel ideas you see below, you can see that marble patterned tiles add a modern feel to the bathroom. The marble pattern embroidered on white tiles made your bathroom look both more modern and wider. So how did you come up with this idea?

bathroom tile remodeling

13. Half Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The half bathroom, known as the guest bath or powder room, can have a very stylish look with minor renovations. As you can see in the example of half bathroom remodeling ideas below, a very modern and stylish bathroom design has been made. Details such as the closet, washbasin and mirror that the bathroom needs have been considered and modern tiles have added color to the bathroom. Don’t you think it’s beautiful?

half bathroom

14. Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You may have a limited budget to renovate your bathroom. What you need to do is to choose affordable and quality bathroom furniture. With cheap and inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas, you can have a very stylish and beautifully designed bathroom. In the example below, you see a very modern and aesthetically designed bathroom design with small plant touches.

inexpensive bathroom remodel

As you can see there are so many bathroom renovation ideas. So if you are confused you can get help from us as a bathroom remodel company. Below you can see Prime Custom’s bathroom renovation videos as a sample for you.

Maybe you need to get a loan from a bank, local credit union, or online lenders before bathroom remodeling or home improvement. Here you can see home improvement loan options you can choose.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021