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You have been living happily in your house for several years, but life is going on, conditions are changing and these new conditions is forcing you to make new decisions. Your family is growing and your beloved house is not enough for you anymore. So, in the beginning, you have two choices; adapting your house according to your needs, or moving to a new house. Both choices have pros and cons, and you should consider them according to your needs, budget, and desires.

If your choice is to move out, you will have to look for new places, mortgage, and deal with moving. But if you want to reshape your house, you will have some kinds of remodeling; kitchen, bathroom, living room, or full remodeling. But, if space is not enough, you will need some kind of a home addition.


Why Choose Prime Custom for Home Addition Service?

Home additions, as you can understand from the name, is more than remodeling, that you are adding some new parts to your house. This is a model that you can choose for detached houses because you need to own an exterior estate to enclose and add it into your house. There are many home additions types, such as a small bump-out, a middle dormer, or a huge second floor. All these choices have positive and negative ways.

How to add an addition to your home?

After you decide about not moving and have an addition, the next question will be can I build my home addition? Can you DIY or do you need to hire a contractor? A DIY home addition is definitely cheaper and more convenient (if you have enough time and skills), but this method will require more time, and effort to accomplish.

Or, you will find home addition contractors and leave everything to the professionals. They will come up with different home addition ideas, you will decide, they will prepare home addition plans, and make the job. What will be left to you is to wait, pay for the job, and enjoy your new house. Prime Custom Company is an experienced home remodeling and home additions near me company at Elkridge MD, and service to the neighborhood area such as Sterling, Mclean, Leesburg and other closer cities. We are one of the best home additions Virginia company that you can work with.

Types of Home Addition

There are different groupings of home addition types at different sources, but we can categorize them into three in general. First, making a home addition for a new room or rooms near or inside your existing house. Secondly, building up inside your house, such as adding a second floor. And finally, a conventional house addition, which is building a new space near the house for any kind of purpose. It is a new room which is permanently open to the existing house. Generally, after a conventional home addition, the new room will be the new part of the house.

So, what are the types? As Prime Custom Building Company, these are the most popular examples that we build.

Kitchen Addition

Most houses have old-fashioned and relatively smaller kitchens when compared to modern kitchens. Today, kitchens are not only a place that we cook, they are the room that we eat, spend time and get socialize. So, we need bigger kitchens. If you have enough space in your estate, it is possible to build your dream one with a kitchen addition.

Mudroom Addition

A mudroom is a space that is at the entrance of your house where you can take off and place your shoes, coats, hats, and other related stuff. It is very beneficial to keep the rest of your house clean by leaving all the wet or muddy clothes in this area.

Bathroom Addition

Bathrooms are private places and generally existing ones will not be enough as your family grows. So, you can create a new place, or turn a closet into a new bathroom. The most important issue is to consider the infrastructure of the house such as electrical, water, plumbing, heating systems. Placing your new bathroom in the most suitable spot will make you save money from building new installments and will protect you from possible future problems.

Home Office Addition

During these pandemic days, so many more people started to work from home and more people understood the benefits of a home office. If you don’t have one in your house, you can choose a silent space and turn it into a home office.

There are several other room addition choices. As Prime Custom, the most common other room additions that we build are;

  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Media room
  • Playroom
  • Movie theatre room
  • Basement
  • Game room

Bump-Out Addition

Bump-out is basically extending the outer wall or edge of the house in order to add extra space to a particular room. The most beneficial way of this addition is that you won’t need foundation work for a bump-out. But the space that you can add is also limited with the edges.

Sunroom Addition

A sunroom, as you can understand from the name, is an enclosed area, which is enclosed with more glasses than walls. It is constructed either by enclosing an existing porch or building a new place at the entryway.

There are different types of sunrooms according to the insulation level such as a three-season sunroom, four-season sunroom, or a solarium. The purpose of these rooms can be various such as only a living space, to a room that you can grow plants.

Dormer Addition

Adding a dormer at the highest level of your house will create a great view, and a lovely space to use. Generally, adding a dormer requires high-level craftsmanship that you should hire an experienced roofing contractor.

Second Story Addition

Second story addition is a huge work and generally costs so much. Either adding an extra bedroom or a bedroom, by second-story addition, you can double up your space in your house. Also, you can create an independent part with a different entrance. Although very expensive, second-story addition will add so much value to your house.

As this is a complicated process and requires a high level of experience, we highly recommend that you should hire a contractor for this kind of addition.

Garage Addition or Conversion

If you need a new garage or you need extra space for other types of rooms, you can add a new garage or turn the existing one into a room. All these works are called garage addition or garage conversion. You can enclose an adjacent or a detached space for a garage. Both of them have pros and cons. For example, an adjacent garage would be easy to reach, but a detached one would help to keep the dust of a garage away from your house.

These are the most common types of home addition types. The rest is up to your needs and money. So, home addition cost becomes very important for this choice. “How much does a home addition cost?” or “how to finance a home addition” are the main issues that you have to deal with.


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  • Leesburg, Virginia
  • Bethesda, Maryland
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  • Sterling, Virginia
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We had a great experience with Prime Custom Kitchen & Bath for our kitchen renovation. We wanted a European-style kitchen and that is hard to find in this area. Most stores that sell European cabinets don't offer installation and you have to contract a company that knows how to work with European measurements. We found Prime Custom online and decided to make a visit to their showroom. We didn't have an appointment but that was no problem. Filiz explained to us that they take care of the entire process from design to finish. She showed us the kitchen lines they carry and Alusso is exactly what we wanted. We decided to have Filiz start the design process and gave her our requirements. When she came back with the first drawing it was evident that she had carefully listened to us. We also met Kamil, the owner. He is very involved with everything and said it is most important for him that his customers are happy. It convinced us that this was the right company to renovate our kitchen. The whole process went fast and smoothly. Not only did they have to replace the cabinets but they also had to change electrical wiring, plumbing, gas lines and vents. They also designed and built a unique gathering counter and incorporated some last-minute changes we requested without any issue. It is incredible how fast and skillful the crew delivered. Their project manager Idris was on top of everything and always kept us up to date with the schedule. He was very responsive and transparent. The entire renovation took just 20 days and the result is amazing. They transformed a generic dark builders kitchen into a light, spacious modern kitchen. It was a real pleasure to work with them! They always showed up on time and cleaned up at the end of the day. As far as we're concerned, they completely lived up to their "happy customer" principle.
Jacob K
Jacob K
Very good service and best skilled installers
Meltem Karaagac
Meltem Karaagac
Prime Kitchen Cabinet installed a deck successfully in my house. Kamil is very experienced in technical matters and also material procurement. He is very polite and customer friendly, and a great manager. During the installation deck, everything was smoothly progressed. Installation was done quickly and perfectly. There was not a technical problem in the project. The inspection processes also passed quickly. The assembly team came to the work area early every day, worked disciplined and left the job site clean and tidy when leaving the work area. If we have a new project in our house, I will prefer Kamil and his team again and I recommend it to my friends.
Poweide Koroye
Poweide Koroye
I may be Prime Custom’s pickiest customer ever and I commend them for the kitchen renovation they did for us. As an accountant, project manager, and lapsed (building) engineer whose first job was in sales, the Prime Custom team had no idea what they were getting into. In Kamil, I found someone whose attention to detail matched mine. The pride he takes in his work is rare these days and he is a true craftsman. Kamil’s customer focus is also refreshing. Our project was not especially large, but as I am so particular and had the added responsibility of creating perfection for my wife, we were VERY demanding clients. The finished product is beautiful and continues to draw compliments a year and a half after its completion. Perhaps even more impressively, when I noticed defects on some cabinet doors about ten months in, Kamil worked with the supplier to replace them and provided updates when their delivery was delayed. The rest of the Prime Custom team helped make the kitchen unique with the choice of materials - the backsplash and counter, which Filiz helped us choose, remain talking points; and interesting design solutions – who knew that the placement of under-cabinet lighting and power outlets could be so impactful? I apologise for the length of this review but given Prime Custom’s effort in delivering our kitchen, it’s a fraction of what it could be. More importantly, choosing the company for your home renovation project is a decision you won’t regret.
Calvin Li
Calvin Li
We used Prime Custom service to renovate our kitchen, and they did an amazing job. Due to COVID 19, the project ran longer than usual, but it’s understandable. Kamil and his team worked very hard to deliver our dream kitchen with all the constraints. They accommodated our change requirements, fixed issues we didn't aware. Project manager and the contractors were always polite. The cabinets we ordered were high quality, and the team’s workmanship was very good. Upon installation of cabinets, they spotted few cabinet doors had quality issue, and immediately re-ordered them for us. There were additional work orders in this project because re-routing of the pipes, fixing gas line and other stuff. Kamil and his team explained well the additional work required and didn’t do things that were not necessary. We worked with Filiz to design our kitchen, they exceeded our expectation. She gave us idea to tear down the wall to expand the counter space and the overall space of kitchen. She worked with us to pick the cabinets, tile, countertop and other materials. Overall, I am a very happy customer, and I love my new kitchen.
Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh
I highly recommend Prime Custom Kitchen & Bath for kitchen remodel. They finished my kitchen remodel earlier this month and I am in love with my new kitchen. We started planning the remodel in January of 2021 and went to a few companies for quotes and to see their products. We thought what we wanted was only available if we went full custom kitchen route and spend way over our budget but Prime found the exact product that we wanted and kept us in our budget. DESIGN: Their designer Filiz Ince is extremely talented and knows kitchens inside out. She has really great ideas on how to upgrade from generic kitchen to a custom kitchen. She was very attentive to what I wanted in my kitchen and never once said "that's not how people do it", which I heard from other places. For example, I did not want corner upper cabinet and Filiz suggested Blind corner cabinet right away which was exactly what I wanted. She sat with me for a long time going over the full design, she pointed out the irregularities in my old kitchen (how sink wasn't centered to the window) and fixed them. She loves designing kitchens and It Shows. Due to COVID, our cabinets were coming in September even though we placed the order in April, Filiz kept in touch with us and updated us on any news from the supplier. She helped with choosing countertops, faucets, lights, and hardware. She is a full service designer! INSTALL: We decided to demo old kitchen ourselves to keep the costs down and Prime had no objection to it. They were happy to do as we wished. Kamil Osmanjan supervised the install of our kitchen. His guys were professional and skillful. Even the counter install people appreciated how perfectly level the cabinets were! The cabinet install took 3 days which included - uppers, lowers, island and Oven-Pantry wall units. They covered all the floors in my house before working and vacuumed each night before leaving. Even though we demoed the old kitchen ourselves, Kamil was still willing to fix some of the things we missed. He was very accommodating to our requests on the spot. For Example - he moved the gas line inside the wall so that it will not get in the way of my drawers (it helped that he is licensed). We also asked him to trim out the Pantry wall on the spot and he made the time to do it. We are very thankful to his expertise in kitchens. He gave us his number and always answered his phone. OVERALL: I will definitely hire them again for any remodel project in my house. They are a great team and know their skill to the core. We have learned so much going through this process and appreciate the Prime team for their work. PS - the vent hood cover is delayed by GE appliances, please imagine that it's covered!
Ashley Gold
Ashley Gold
Prime Custom renovated my master bathroom and I am thrilled with the final result! It has become like an in-house spa. I always feel like I'm at a fancy hotel when I'm in my bathroom now which makes me so happy. The quality of the work is great and if ever I had an issue with something, all I had to do was ask and it was resolved without question. Mauricio and Blanca are very hard workers and I enjoyed working with them during this process. The tile installers were also very impressive and even came on the weekend so as not to delay. Kamil, the owner, even did some of the work himself! The crew did their best to keep everything clean and I appreciated that the floors leading from the front door upstairs to the master bath were all covered to prevent any carpet damage or mess. The whole process took longer than what was stated in the contract but with COVID delays I do not fault the company. They still finished the work in 20 working days. My project manager, Teagan, was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely polite and respectful. While we were waiting on one final piece of the bathroom to be delivered (tub), we self-installed a bidet attachment and accidentally dented the brand new tower cabinet with a wrench in the process (don't bring tools into your brand new bathroom!). The damage was on one drawer and even though the beautiful cabinetry comes with touch-up paint, we couldn't quite get it to look right. I showed Teagan and he took the drawer and got it repaired at no additional cost to us. You can't even tell that we dented it! I very much appreciated this service and it really shows that they care about their customers. I did feel I was a valued customer during the process. Not everything with the bathroom went smoothly. This is primarily attributed to the designer that was assigned my bathroom. She did not order things in a timely fashion, nor would she get back to me about things when she said she would. It was very frustrating and resulted in miscommunication to the team and things being ordered incorrectly or not ordered at all. However, this designer is no longer working at Prime. I don't hold this part of the experience against the rest of the team because they did all they could to remediate any issues the designer caused, and moving forward, there shouldn't be these issues. All in all, the bathroom looks amazing, I'm so pleased with the end result. A bathroom remodel like this is never inexpensive but Prime offered great value and service. I chose to use them over other design-build companies because they were most willing to help me try to be as close to my budget as possible and were transparent with pricing between labor and materials (as opposed to all the others who estimated an additional $10k+ and didn't itemize the labor/materials costs). Additionally, while they are more expensive than a non-licensed crew, to me paying extra for the licensing and people to organize the permitting and everything is worth it!
Robert Besserer
Robert Besserer
We were very pleased with the job that Prime Custom Kitchen and Bath did for our kitchen design and remodel. This was a major remodel and investment so we took our time and got several estimates and different designs. We decided to go with PCK&B because of the reviews and recommendations and we also got to know Kamil and Feliz pretty well during the process and felt comfortable with them both. We had 2 remodels done, first was the upstairs master closet we changed a his/hers closet into one big walk-in closet by taking walls down and changing the lighting. They did a nice job on that one. We also had hardwood floors installed in the entire upstairs bedrooms and hallways. Again nice job we we’re both pleased by the end result and the floors look great. The kitchen was a massive remodel. We took down 2 major walls separating family room/kitchen and dining room/kitchen and we made one giant great room that ran the entire width of the back of the house. The kitchen was a galley style kitchen with a massive island running down the center. We ended up doubling our storage and cabinet space from the old kitchen. We can’t say enough how much we love our new kitchen. It’s just a joy to cook in and we really like the Fabuwood cabinets so far. That was also a deciding factor for us because we didn’t care for the stocked cabinets at other companies that we worked with but we liked the Fabuwood look and feel. Our family and friends who have seen it can’t get over the difference and how beautiful the kitchen is and how it’s transformed our entire main floor of the house. Overall the job was excellent and I thought that both Teagan and Kamil were responsive to any concerns we had and addressed them right away. With a job this big there are bound to be some hiccups but they really did respond well to our few concerns.

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