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Kitchen Color Ideas

kitchen color ideas in 2022

Kitchen Color Ideas in 2022

Choosing a color for the kitchen is quite difficult. The person may like more than one color and may find it difficult to choose between trendy colors. As of 2022, we have good news for you. In 2022, the gray color is no longer preferred for kitchen color ideas. The gray color trend remained in 2021, and brand new kitchen cabinet color ideas appeared in 2022.

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Today, we will share with you the new kitchen color ideas, kitchen cabinet color ideas, kitchen color scheme ideas, kitchen remodeling ideas, and examine the colors that you can use when renovating the kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

kitchen cabinet color

The color scale you can choose for the kitchen is quite wide. In addition to the main colors such as green, blue, black, white, red, yellow, there are unlimited colors that you can obtain from the combination of these colors in different proportions.

In recent years, it is seen that kitchen designs move away from old and retro color tones and adopt more modern and luxurious kitchen designs. Apart from the well-known built-in kitchens and island kitchens, we can see vivid color tones in 3D kitchens.

Let’s examine the ideal color tones in the kitchen models together and decide on the color of the kitchen model that is best for our kitchen.

  • Light colors for easy cleaning:

If you have a meticulous nature that gives importance to cleanliness, you should prefer kitchen cabinets in light tones. They are more advantageous as they show little dirt and fingerprints and are easy to clean.

  • Dark colors in large kitchens:

If your kitchen is large, you should prefer dark color tones. Because light colors will create a wider environment, your already big kitchen can look even bigger and get away from the heat.

  • Light colors in dark kitchens:

If your kitchen is not getting enough light, kitchen cabinets made of dark color tones will make your kitchen dark and gloomy. For this reason, you should prefer kitchen cabinets made of light color tones.

The Most 10 Trendy Kitchen Color Ideas in 2022

trendy kitchen cabinets

Below you can find the most preferred kitchen color ideas for 2022.

  1. Neutral and Warm Color Kitchen Cabinets

neutral kitchen cabinets

White lacquered kitchen cabinets designed with neutral colors give positive energy to the environment with their magnificent harmony. It has the potential to enchant kitchen lovers with its extremely simple and plain state in kitchen color design. You can add elegance to your kitchens with a warm neutral color balance rather than cold tones. These are some of the best kitchen color ideas ever.

  1. Orange Kitchen Design

orange kitchen

Vibrant shades of orange energize. Terracotta and peach tones add warmth to the space. This color can be used in large areas. It is also one of the most preferred colors to highlight the details after yellow. Orange is especially compatible with white, light yellow, cream, and gray. It creates a nice combination when used with wood or metal as a material. You can use orange kitchen cabinets as the best kitchen cabinet color ideas.

  1. Red and White Lacquered Cabinets

red kitchen

You can design rectangular and narrow kitchens with white floors and red lacquered upper cabinets. It will be useful in making the environment appear quite wide, adding depth and reflecting the light better. You can achieve a warm and very stylish kitchen with red and white color tones.

  1. Mink Color Kitchen Cabinets

mink kitchen

You should combine cream or beige color tones in the kitchen design, which gives a more calm feeling to the environment with its completely natural tones. These kitchens, which are easy on the eyes and adorned with simple lines, will warm you up from the moment you use them.

  1. Purple Kitchen Design

purple kitchen decor

Purple; activates one’s self-confidence. Lavender, lilac, and orchid with light tones give relief. Its dark tones are not very suitable for large surfaces, but are ideal as an accent color. Purple can be used together with bright and eye-catching colors. As a material, it harmonizes with steel, chrome, and light woods.

If you love a colorful kitchen and have a large kitchen you can use purple as kitchen wall paint color ideas.

  1. Indispensable Gray Kitchen Cabinets

gray kitchen cabinets

Not everyone may have a large multi-angle kitchen, but they may prefer colors that give a spacious feeling. Gray tones are one of them. With its neutral gray tone, your kitchens will appear larger and more spacious than they are. To break the cold image, you can make magic touches to your cabinets such as wood texture and decorative flowers.

These green kitchen cabinets are one of the indispensable kitchen cabinet color ideas.

  1. Peaceful green kitchens

green kitchen design

It is known that green has a relaxing effect that gives confidence and peace. Since it evokes nature, it is the main color of country-style kitchens. While there is no classification for light tones, dark tones are recommended to be used sparingly in certain areas. In a kitchen dominated by green, the floor covering can be made of wood. It also blends well with stone, brick, and wicker. When it is desired to be combined with another color, cream, white or caramel can be preferred as the second color.

You can use green as green kitchen paint color ideas. These ideas also give peaceful air to your kitchen. Green kitchen paint color ideas are the perfect kitchen color scheme ideas.

  1. Dark Wood Cabinets

dark wood kitchen cabinets

Darkness is always thought of as a negative, but it changes the atmosphere of the environment quite a lot. You will never want to leave your kitchen with the image that emerges when you support the darkness with wooden textures. You can enchant those who see it with this stylishness that warms the environment quite a bit.

  1. Yellow Impressive Kitchens

yellow kitchen design

Yellow; is one of the most preferred colors in the kitchen. Its soft tones give joy and evoke positive emotions. It has been observed that especially light tones make people happy. Bright yellow accentuates the details and illuminates the space. However, this tone can be irritating when used in excess. This color, which harmonizes with steel, chrome, and glass, can also be combined with gray, white, and black. Besides its aesthetic value, yellow can also be used functionally. Especially in the kitchen of people with vision problems, the handles can be made in yellow to create a contrast with the lids. In this way, the handles can be perceived more easily.

  1. Symbol of Eternity Dark Blue Kitchens

dark blue kitchn design

Navy blue; expresses eternity, authority, and efficiency. In addition, since it symbolizes solidity, it arouses a sense of trust in people. If this color, which causes the space to be perceived as smaller than it is, is desired to be used on large surfaces, the kitchen should be large and bright. However, if the kitchen is small or receives little light, the dark and dark effect it will create can be lightened by combining it with a light color such as white or gray.


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