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Kitchen Remodeling Service​

As we reached the second decade of the 21’st century, life is incredibly different than it was one century ago. Today, people work less time and more comfortably, because machines are doing all the hard work, and there is much more time left to us for spending with our loved ones or to do tasteful things that we like. For example, eating was only a human need and takes only a few times for people in the past. But today, eating is more likely a kind of joyful event or something to socialize. That’s why, we build, remodel, renovate, or create bigger, better, more joyful kitchens in our homes.

Bathroom Remodeling Service​

So many people think that the bathroom is the most important part of their houses. And they pay attention to the bathroom more than the other rooms. Why do they find it very important? Why bathroom is the most important part of the house? Here we give answers to these questions first.

Basement Remodeling Service

Basements can be great flex spaces for your home, and a finished basement can add additional home value and enjoyment. Prime Custom provides cost-effective and comprehensive design-build basement remodeling service in Sterling, Virginia for your unfinished or under-utilized basement space. Whether finishing a basement or remodeling the space for better use, we can help. Basements are often unfinished or poorly utilized; however, they can be one of the easiest areas to remodel.

Home Remodeling Service​

If your home is feeling crowded or has an awkward layout, expand your living space with our home remodeling service in Sterling, Virginia. Add one or more rooms to your home with the help of our skilled team of designers and builders to simplify the ins and outs of home remodeling in northern Virginia. When you want to add an additional room to your home, you typically have two options: build out or build up.

Home Addition Service​

If your choice is to move out, you will have to look for new places, mortgage, and deal with moving. But if you want to reshape your house, you will have some kinds of remodeling; kitchen, bathroom, living room, or full remodeling. But, if space is not enough, you will need some kind of a home addition.

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