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White Cabinets With Black Hardware

White Cabinets With Black Hardware

Kitchens are places that are at the forefront with their decoration and function. Among the color combinations that can be used for kitchens that are admired for their visuality and functionality, black and white are highly preferred. The combination of black and white, which suits every place it is applied, brings a distinct elegance and modernity to the kitchens. These two colors can be used for very different details, from floors to kitchen cabinets, from surfaces to decorative products. Very different decorations can be created with these colors, which are specially used for cabinets.

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When the black and white models of kitchen cabinets are examined, we can see that the harmony of black and white colors can be benefited from in the selection of hardware in the kitchen, apart from the cabinet doors. When the black or white kitchen cabinets models are examined in 2021, it is seen that black and white combinations are preferred as floor tiles in these models.

4 Suggestions For Black And White Kitchen Decoration

The black and white kitchen decoration, which is the trend of recent times, attracts a lot of attention… Kitchens are no longer just the areas we use while cooking and eating, they are becoming a part of our living space. For this reason, we attach more importance to the decoration of kitchens than before. Small changes, as before, may no longer have a long-term effect. If you are in favor of making radical changes, black and white kitchen decoration ideas will work for you.

We will examine the black and white kitchen decoration under 4 headings.

  1. White Wall, Black Cabinets

In this style, while the walls are white, the colors of the furniture are black. On the floor, hardwood is generally preferred.

However, depending on the condition of your kitchen, white ceramic flooring is also used. Apart from this, a beautiful look can be created by using a black and white striped rug on the floor and furniture in natural wood colors.

white wall with black kitchen cabinets

  1. Black Wall, White Cabinets

Black walls may seem a little strange, but when you see these kitchens, you will not believe your eyes.

If you paint all the walls according to the condition of getting light or choosing an unused wall instead of painting all the walls black, you can both get rid of a dark kitchen look and have the opportunity to make easy changes whenever you want.

black tiles for kitchen

  1. Black Flooring

You can have a black and white kitchen by choosing the furniture. Or wall colors as you want (black or white) by making the floor black. In this case, you can prevent your kitchen from being dark by choosing the walls as white. You can make a different black and white kitchen decoration by choosing black furniture.

black flooring

  1. Black and White Mixed Cabinet and Hardware

You can create a mixed decoration. E.g; While the upper part of the kitchen cabinet is white, you can choose black for the part under the counter.

You can also choose black and white kitchen cabinets to catch these mixed black and white kitchen decoration colors. Apart from these, you can add a different visuality to your kitchen by using a black kitchen island with its modern look.

Black hardware, which is very compatible with white kitchen cabinets, is part of the magical harmony of black and white. Accessories used in the kitchen, for example, carpet, chandelier, small kitchen appliances, and kitchen utensils can be preferred in black.

In addition, black faucets, cabinet handles, and other small details can be preferred as hardware, and a stylish look can be obtained on the white kitchen cabinet.

Even the refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher, which are called white goods, can be preferred in black, and a marginal image can be obtained in the kitchen.