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Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Design

ideas and designs kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Design 2022 has been a very hard year for everyone. And also, it is the year that changed standards, or normal all around the world. We had to spend much more time than usual in our homes, and it is our kitchens that we spent most of this time in. According to Houzz, there has been a 58% increase in home remodeling ideas projects in the last year. So, it is clear that people care more about their homes, especially kitchens, and spend more to have a better one.

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As we mentioned before, COVID-19 made so many changes in our lifestyles, habits, and standards. And these changes also affected remodeling trends. COVID-19 will be with us for more time, and if you are willing to make minor or major changes in your kitchens, here we have prepared 15 kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022.

The best place to start with your remodel is to determine what you hope to achieve, what is currently missing from your kitchen, and what you want going. Remodeling kitchens have already appealed to people. What are the unique challenges you face with kitchen remodeling in northern Virginia–lack of space or maybe unfamiliarity with updates? Asking, and answering, these questions will help you to find the best kitchen design ideas.

We have compiled a list of 2022 kitchen remodeling trends for design inspiration and ideas to help you get started with your kitchen renovation in northern Virginia. We spoke with interior design and renovation experts and kitchen remodelers for their takes on the best practices in kitchen ideas and gathered our favorite decor ideas, from smart appliances to multi-purpose islands and the latest in cabinets and countertops. Whether you are planning a full kitchen remodel or just looking to refresh with a few updates, as experts in kitchen remodeling in Sterling, VA, we have you covered.

15 Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Design – Before & After Photos

  1. New Kitchen Cabinets for your New Kitchen

Get away from the classic unified colored cabinetry and create a deeper and more characteristic view with two tones on your cabinets. Using two different colors for cabinetry became a great trend to create a more spacious look inside the kitchen. Choosing lighter tones for the upper cabinets over lower ones can create a more relaxed look especially if you are lacking natural lights.

You can extend your concept by painting your walls with contrasting colors. The two-tone cabinets trend can give you the flexibility to create extraordinary examples by using sleek laminate or wood grains. Your imagination will be your limit.

before after kitchen cabinet remodel

2. Come to the Dark Side – Two Tone Kitchen

Dark colors are expected to become more popular this year instead of the classic white color. There are so many parts that you can use navy, emerald green, particularly black colors. First of all, choose black paint for the walls and flooring tiles. To adapt a two-tone kitchen trend, use contrast colors for these and choose black or dark grey on countertops with black cabinets. When chosen with reclaimed wood for the island, you can also create a rustic view.

Dark kitchen cabinets are very successful to create an inviting and elegant appearance in the new kitchen. More and more people prefer black colors for a luxurious view in remodeling kitchens. But you should be careful in order not to overpower the general standing of the entire room.

two tone kitchen cabinet

3. Go Smart

Technology has long been an important part of our lives as a facilitator and there are so many improvements that we use in our new kitchen ideas. Today, there are the finest machines, sensors, and gadgets that almost do every tiring job instead of us. Smart fridges adjustments to create proper conditions for the kinds of food we store inside them. Or, smart ovens cook our meals with proper heat and time adjustments better than we. For more hygiene against viruses, you can use smart kitchen faucets that use motion sensors, or smart air conditioning systems to clean the air.

smart kitchen faucets

On the other hand, you can use and control these devices remotely via internet connections. Or, it is possible to use more energy and cost-efficient technologies such as induction cooktops which are also more environment-friendly. Several other smart kitchen appliances can make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

induction cooktops in kitchen

4. Art Work Curation in the Kitchen

What would an artist answer if we ask how to remodel a kitchen? As we are spending more time in our kitchen and there is so much space, we can fulfill our need for art here. The open shelving trend has always been an ideal way to curate cupboards and other stuff. But nowadays, we can fill these shelves with decorative stuff, artwork, or classic books.

As our lives become more digital every day, and we are stuck in our houses until an uncertain time, more art curation in the kitchen will make us feel relieved. You can either hang paintings on the empty walls, but you should be careful about them not to be subject to heat or moisture.

artwork on the kitchen wall

5. Opt for the Green

Green has always been the color of nature. And it is possible to use the color to fulfill our missing to nature. Although navy blue was so popular in recent years, people are going greener for the last two years. It is either for tiles or cabinetry, different tones of forest or emerald green is popular for the last two years.

Green can be the color of both luxury and drama. You can create a contrast with the green kitchen cabinetry and white marble and brass lighting and accessories. You can pair green colors with so many different colors in your cabinetry and tiles for a neutral look.

green kitchen cabinet

 6. Use The Beauty of the Gold Finish

As aesthetics and luxury became more important in kitchen design ideas, we can see different elegancies in our houses. Today it is possible to have fancy appliances at wet places like faucets and sinks.

So, metal technology lets us have luxury also at unimaginable parts of our house. Golden finishes at taps and sinks create a wonderful and rich appearance design for a kitchen.

golden finishes kitchen remodel ideas

7. Larger Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

As more people spend more time in the kitchen, the need for a larger kitchen island is obvious. Kitchen islands have earned more importance in the last two years and became the focal point of the kitchen. It is possible to use them as a multipurpose kitchen island for cooking, eating, and storing stuff. So, we need bigger islands for these purposes.

As you can cook for more people, and serve them with extra seating, you can also use your island as a bar or a meeting table. Another fancy use is double islands with more space and a fancier look. This is a great chance to create a modern appearance with your open kitchen.

double kitchen islands

8. Open Kitchen Door to Outdoor

One of the most common applications in the last two COVID-19 years is kitchen connection to the outdoor. As people spend more time at home, it is wiser to make an opening to the outside to feel the fresh air and reach more easily to the sunlight.

According to your layout, you can plan your opening. Either a 5×6 foot window over your sink or a glass door to the yard, outdoor connection gives you the comfort of a more joyful time. For a more stylish and functional use, you can choose bifold doors with larger windows. But we must add that, whether small or bigger, an opening will cost a little higher.

Open Kitchen to Outdoor

9. More Spacious Kitchens with Broken-Plan

Open kitchens have revolutionized the idea of kitchens, but today, we want to feel more distance in our homes. Especially these days, we are spending much more time with other family members and people desire more privacy, which made the broken-plan kitchen trend more popular.

It is possible to apply a broken plan with so many different ideas. Cabinetry, glass standing, screens, even portable walls are very successful to achieve a broken plan for more space in your kitchen that you need privacy for a zoom meeting or watching a movie.

broken plan kitchen ideas

10. Open Shelving

Visible shelves in a variety of materials can complement your kitchen’s design, provide an area to show off dinnerware, and offer additional storage space for plants and décor. Inspired by retail spaces and hotels, this option can be used to show off beautiful dishware and glassware that gets used often. Additionally, the idea provides easy access to frequently used items and can be used to hold dry goods in glass jars or wooden boxes for an extra flair in the kitchen. Wall shelves mesh well with hanging racks for utensils or pots and pans, keep items up and off valuable countertop space, and reduce clutter in kitchen cabinets. With the added space from open shelving, kitchen organization becomes much easier.

Using natural elements for shelving provides beautiful accent pieces to the kitchen and can complement other materials such as knobs, hardware and other finishes in your kitchen remodels if paired correctly. Wood acts as a natural element, metal creates a modern and industrial feel, and glass shelving is easy to clean and lets in more natural light.

open shelves in kitchen

11. Matte Black Finishes

If you haven’t looked into matte black materials for your kitchen makeovers, now is the time. Matte black is the most popular among matte-colored finishes and is available on everything–from appliances to cabinetry and hardware. Matte black and other matte color finishes are sleek, easy to clean and fit into any design as contrast pieces for homeowners looking to add something special to their remodel in northern Virginia.

In terms of design, black fixtures and hardware add contrast to wood cabinets and more traditional kitchens. Matte black fits with most kitchen materials and can be used as contrast pieces or a cohesive design choice, with all matte black appliances or matte black cabinets and hardware. Matte black appliances seem especially popular for 2019 and can be used as a single statement piece to lighter kitchens or a matching full kitchen set to maintain a moodier tone. Matte finishes reduce the appearance of dirt, debris, and smudges from fingerprints, making them easy to clean and maintain.

matte black kitchen

12. Quartz Countertops

We have seen various countertop materials come and go, but quartz is still king for high-end countertops. Thanks to advances in technology, quartz comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. From bold swirls and veining to solid colors, quartz provides a little bit of everything for everyone–though there has been a notable trend toward softer and more neutral colors.

Quartz is easy to clean and non-porous, meaning it won’t harbor bacteria or viruses. The material can stand up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee, and other sources of stains in the kitchen, resisting discoloration and stains much better than granite, marble, and concrete. With its timeless looks and harder surface that makes quartz virtually indestructible, the countertops material is more popular now than ever.

quartz kitchen countertops

13. Patterned Tile

While subway tiles and other solid-colored tiles are still frequently used, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of patterned tile to add flair and character to the kitchen. With so many options for patterned and unique tile, it’s no wonder the style is growing. From backsplashes to statement flooring and inlaid tile designs, tile works for most areas in the kitchen.

Opposite to metro-style tiles, you can use highly patterned tiles for your remodel to create a focal point or accent piece in the kitchen. A tile backsplash above a stove or placing the tile on a single side of a kitchen island provides an interesting display of unique tile without going overboard. There has been a trend of using larger tiles in backsplashes and other pattered tile features to better display the unique accent piece.

Patterned ceramic tile is especially popular, and easy on the budget when completing a remodel. Spanish and Moroccan-inspired tiles and backsplashes add an exotic note to the kitchen and stand out more than subway tiles to complement décor. Striking patterned flooring can be beautiful and striking, as opposed to more traditional wooden or solid color tile floors, but can also be overwhelming if not done correctly. Designers can help you to strike the right balance of style and visual impact with patterned floors, so don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your northern Virginia remodel.

patterned kitchen floow and wall tiles

14. Natural Touches to Kitchen Floor

In the spirit of incorporating more natural elements in the kitchen, wood and stone are popping up in 2019 kitchen remodels. From stone backsplashes to wooden flooring, these two elements provide a rustic look to compliment and warm any modern kitchen.

Using muted earth tones in the color scheme such as green, brown, black, and grey paired with raw materials make the kitchen feel more connected to nature. Installing wooden beams adds a design flair and allows for higher pendant lighting or nuanced ceiling features. Wooden countertops have gained traction as well and are hygienic, easy to repair, and have an authentic antique feel. Wooden flooring is a classic kitchen design choice that easily flows into other rooms of your home for a timeless look.

Similarly, stone flooring adds an element of the outdoors and an interesting texture. Slate tile floors are extremely versatile, heat resistant, and durable. Slate comes in many different colors and shapes to fit whatever design or color scheme you have in mind for your kitchen remodel. Stone backsplashes and feature walls provide unique detailing, durable, low maintenance, and look and feel high-quality. If you’re looking for something really special in your northern Virginia remodel kitchen and love to bake or cook, consider adding a stone oven for home cooking. With this unique addition, gourmet cooking isn’t just for eating out anymore.

Wood Flooring

15. All White is Out

While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of the all-white kitchen, the look is being faded out by darker tones. There’s been a recent influx of darker cabinets, countertops, and accent colors to replace the all-white kitchen in northern Virginia. Instead of a stark-white finish, dark colors and tones provide a nuanced look and a warmer kitchen environment.

Although white cabinets provide a classic look, lately we have been seeing more dark colors such as black, gray, and dark green creep into kitchen renovation ideas. Dark cabinetry provides a rich contrast to lighter countertops and walls. Additionally, white can be difficult to regularly keep clean, whereas dark-colored cabinetry and surfaces are more forgiving.

16. Find Your Way with a new Hardware

You made your kitchen renovations, but here is an additional idea to finalize; choose hardware. You design your kitchen and replaced your cabinets, or painted them. Will your hardware fit? Sometimes only changing knobs and handles will also add so much to your kitchen. Metal or silver, are very popular nowadays. They are also very durable. So, make your final touch and create a new mood in your kitchen with a very little amount of money.

dark kitchen cabinetary

Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2022

As Prime Custom, we tried to show some of the popular kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022 to you. For more ideas, please contact us.

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