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The Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

The Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Open concept kitchens are not a new thing, but the design trend is very popular today. These kitchens aren’t closed off from other spaces in the house, instead allowing you to walk in and out of them from dining rooms and/or living rooms. They’re typically more central in a home compared to traditional kitchen designs. But why are more and more people looking for this kind of renovation? In truth, there are many benefits of an open-concept kitchen remodel that you might not know.

Improved Home Functionality & Versatility

A closed-off kitchen serves one purpose—being a kitchen. When you implement an open concept, this space becomes much more functional and versatile. It’s easier to entertain a large group of people or simply prepare a quick snack without missing your favorite shows on the TV. Most open concept kitchens feature a large island with a breakfast bar—this surface can serve so many functions. It provides an excellent spot to work on the computer, eat lunch, sort through papers, or just about anything else.

Upgraded Social Environment

Cooking should be a social event shared with friends and family, especially for big occasions like the holidays. With an open concept kitchen, you can continue socializing while preparing a meal. The entire family can help cook dinner while watching a movie together or sharing an after-work conversation. And since open designs are less claustrophobic, you won’t mind the extra cooks in the kitchen. If you’re someone who prefers a more isolated place to make food, don’t fret—you can design an open concept kitchen that still feels cozy and separate from other parts of the home.

Increased Market Value

Seeing as open concept kitchens are so popular today, it makes sense that having one instantly boosts the market value of your home. It’s a desirable aspect that many buyers look for, with some even considering it a must-have feature. In fact, most prospective buyers consider kitchens one of the most important factors when looking for a new home. Kitchen-specific renovations typically sport a return of investment close to 80 percent. So while you’ll definitely love your open concept cooking space for many years to come, when it’s time to move, you can rest assured you’ll receive far more competitive offers.

The benefits of an open concept kitchen range from financial success to personal enjoyment, so it’s worth considering one when you plan your kitchen remodel. Check out our services and solutions here at Prime Custom to ensure your renovations are satisfying and free of hassle!