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4 Unique Ways To Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

4 Unique Ways To Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Your home’s bathroom is a sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world. Designed for both personal hygiene and relaxation, these spaces are crucial hubs for self-care. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean they’re the most spacious rooms in your house. In fact, bathrooms are notoriously small. On the plus side, there are plenty of things you can do about it. These are some unique ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Be Strategic With Materials

One of the first things you can do to visibly increase space in your bathroom is choose your materials wisely. Common bathroom materials like laminate, vinyl, and marble all offer varying colorations and reflectivity. Because of this, they tend to disperse light in different ways and give your bathroom different looks. The more light you can bring into the space, the more open and airy it’ll feel to you. You’ll want to prioritize materials like marble, glass, and metal in your bathroom.

Utilize Inconspicuous Reflective Surfaces

Incorporating other reflective surfaces into this space is also a unique way to make a bathroom feel bigger. Whether it’s the tile or the intricate backsplash behind the vanity, finding additional ways to reflect light can be incredibly beneficial. Mirrors are especially helpful, as they can reflect parts of the room and give the illusion of a larger space. They’re also great for amplifying light. Placing a mirror in some of your bathroom’s darker corners can make it feel like you have several more feet to work with.

Purchase a Smaller Vanity Piece

You can add some extra floor space in your bathroom by switching out your larger vanity. While these pieces store a lot of items, you don’t always need them to take up as much space as they do. Smaller vanities require you to make more selective use of their reduced storage. If you can utilize more compact storage methods, it can really make a difference for the rest of your bathroom.

Install a Glass Shower Door

Installing glass doors on your shower can make a large impact as well. Just like mirrors and marble, glass is incredibly reflective, making it perfect for incorporating additional light into a darker shower area. These doors also allow you to see directly into the shower space, removing a barrier and making the room seem more open.

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