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The Top Trends for Kitchen Design in 2022

The Top Trends for Kitchen Design in 2022

Kicking off a successful kitchen remodel always starts with a few ideas. Whether you want to create more space in this area or simply change how it looks, you’ll often find yourself wanting something from the next stages of the process. However, while it’s easy to determine that you want change in your kitchen, it can be much more difficult to narrow down exactly what you want your remodel to look like. Fortunately, design trends are here for the rescue! Year after year, what’s popular in interior design changes, and these adjustments are great for gathering ideas for your own renovation. Here are some of the top trends for kitchen design in 2022 and what has them on the rise.

Bright and Bold Color Schemes

Gone are the days of sterile white kitchens and neutral cabinetry. Now, homeowners are implementing something with a bit more flare. Color is one of the best ways to personalize and add character to any space, but this is especially effective in the kitchen. Depending on the hue, you can create an atmosphere that’s bright and sunny or even relaxing and tranquil. As such, we’re starting to see homeowners get a lot more creative with this aspect. Cabinets, in particular, benefit from a splash of blue or green as they take up most of the wall space and provide a unique accent.

Some popular colors for kitchens include:

  • Sage green
  • Zesty orange
  • Dark wooden stain
  • Bright yellow
  • Classic blue

Patterned Floors or Backsplashes

Though fun and intricate wallpapers were once frequently seen in kitchen spaces, they’ve since fallen out of popularity in favor or more minimalistic, contemporary designs. However, in 2022, we’re seeing new and exciting ways that homeowners are bringing patterns into their kitchen. It’s becoming more commonplace to see patterns incorporated into kitchen floors or backsplashes behind the stove or sink. Pattern is a great way to add depth to a kitchen design without taking up additional floor space. Along the floor or backsplash is especially effective because it gives great visual contrast without overpowering the entire room.

Hidden Cabinet Lighting

We’re also seeing a slight change in how interior designers are approaching the aspect of kitchen lighting. It’s no secret that lighting is one of the most important components of a functional kitchen. For one, it maximizes visibility for optimal practicality. These features also provide you with the most control over how your kitchen looks at a given time. That’s why we’re seeing an increase in the use of hidden lighting around the cabinet areas, particularly directly underneath them. This is especially useful for designs that position your cabinetry directly above your countertops. Smaller lights, tucked directly under the cabinets provide additional direct lighting to your work areas and keep your kitchen from developing darker corners as the day goes on. This lighting technique also helps conserve precious space, which is what ultimately makes it another of the top trends for kitchen design in 2022.

Overhead Pendant Ambient Lighting

But underside cabinet lighting isn’t the only lighting trend sweeping the industry. Overhead pendant lights are as well. Traditionally known for adding a touch of elegance and luxury to a kitchen design, these fixtures are a great upgrade for any type of kitchen space. Fortunately, they aren’t even a luxury anymore. Pendant lighting works over any type of table or island space to add a touch of flare. Even more rustic-style homes make use of them now and there are thousands of different shapes and designs to pick from. So, don’t overlook this trend if you want to add a little something extra to your classic kitchen space.

New Material Accents

Brass, silver, and bronze are all the traditional accents used for kitchen hardware. But this isn’t the only way you can add an accent to your kitchen’s design. In fact, there are several new materials that’ve found their place in modern kitchen design. Travertine, for one, is a pale, smooth mineral that provides a touch of texture to countertops or backdrops while also creating that iconic sparkle in the right type of light. Quartzite is also becoming a popular option for contemporary kitchen counters and accent areas for its unique range of colors. Therefore, before you opt for the standard materials for your kitchen remodel, consider something different that’ll add a bit more diversity to the room’s look.

Rounder Architecture

Square and rectangular shaped counters and islands have been the default for so long that it’s hard to imagine these pieces any other way. But, slowly, kitchens across the country are starting to adopt rounder kitchen surfaces. Because these furniture items look so different from what we’re accustomed to, they almost always catch the eye of those walking in the room. As such, sleek and curvy items like these have been a great way to promote better socialization for homeowners that want to entertain. Rounder island ends also tend to take up less space, making your kitchen feel larger and promoting a better flow of traffic. For this reason, they’re an additional technique you could use to get some floor space back in your tighter kitchen.

Compact Storage Systems

In the interest of saving space, compact storage systems are expected to continue growing in popularity. After all, not everyone has a large kitchen space to work with, and the minimalistic aesthetic has been great for providing a charming amount of simplicity to many homes across the country. As such, designers are starting to take that one step further by hiding or shrinking many essential kitchen areas. From fridges that look like pantries to pantries deeper into the wall, there’s plenty of creative ways to make the room appear larger while still accommodating all your basic needs.

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The Top Trends for Kitchen Design in 2022