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7 Stunning Summer Bathroom Décor and Design Trends

7 Stunning Summer Bathroom Décor and Design Trends

If you’re looking to create a summer oasis in your home, renovating your bathroom is the best way to do it. While these spaces serve a practical purpose, there’s no reason why they can’t also give us a temporary escape from the stress and heat of the outside world. The right bathroom design can turn time at home into a spa day. However, you’ll need to style it carefully to get the atmosphere and effect you want. We’ve compiled a list of stunning summer bathroom décor and design trends for you to consider as you tackle this rewarding project.

Brighter, More Energetic Colors

One of the first trends to keep in mind as you’re planning out your bathroom remodel revolves around color. The color scheme you pick for this space can have a large impact on how you feel within it. As such, the latest trends demonstrate that homeowners favor bright, vibrant, and energetic colors for these spaces.

This is especially true for renovations occurring over the summer months. Lighter shades of yellow, red, and orange are great colors for providing a happy atmosphere and energizing your body for the day. This is because they activate the brain and encourage it to produce dopamine. Lighter greens and blues can also have this effect. But yellow is the most effective and creates feelings of joy within a space.

Darker, Soothing Hues

However, if you’re envisioning something a little cozier, you can opt for some darker hues instead. Though brighter colors are rising in popularity, dark blues, greens, and purples are still common in bathrooms. This is because they tend to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind.

Bathrooms with darker blue walls feel cozier, allowing you to better create an environment for rejuvenation. These color schemes are common in bedrooms for the same reason. So when you’re deciding on a color for your bathroom space, you’ll want to set your intent for the room first. This way, you can tailor the room to your needs.

Some additional color schemes to consider for your bathroom space include:

  • Charcoal or indigo with lighter accents
  • Bright greens with wood-tones
  • Classic white paired with a dark blue or purple
  • A blend of traditional neutrals, like taupe and gray

Relaxing Natural Accents

It’s also becoming more common to bring the outdoors indoors wherever possible. From wood tones and textures to plants and running water, adding elements of nature can do wonders for both the aesthetic of your bathroom and its atmosphere.

Artificial flowers are a great décor item to use since they provide all the colorful pop you need without the additional maintenance. Even brighter colored bathrooms can still benefit from a touch of greenery since natural hues are generally neutral and match well with a variety of styles. As such, don’t be afraid to experiment with these elements to find a combination that’s the perfect blend of rustic and luxury.

Smaller Floating Vanities

If you’re working with a smaller bathroom area, a popular option among many homeowners is to install a floating vanity rather than a full vanity table. Floating vanities, anchored to the wall of your bathroom rather than placed on the floor, are slightly smaller and take up less floor space than other vanities.

Because there are no legs on these pieces, you can also use the space underneath for storage. They also create the visual illusion of more space since you can see directly under them. You’ll commonly see floating vanities in homes with a clean and modern aesthetic, but there are ample models demonstrating different styles to pick from as well.

Open, Doorless Shower Areas

Another way to create the appearance of more space in your smaller bathroom is to remove your shower door. Believe it or not, these fixtures take up a lot of extra space and create a visual cut-off between the shower and the rest of the room. For this reason, bathrooms with shower doors and curtains tend to look much tighter than they really are.

Tearing down these doors removes that visual barrier and makes the room look larger in as little as a few minutes. If the idea of going door-free makes you nervous, you can achieve the same effect by replacing thicker shower doors with frameless glass models.

Metal Fixtures

Metal accents are another stunning summer bathroom design trend to consider adding to your home. Regardless of your chosen color scheme, metals can give the space a visible shine and add a touch of luxury. Therefore, they’re the perfect finishing touch for those wanting to make their bathroom look more upscale. Because they’re so reflective, metallic fixtures, like shined brass and silver, also help add light to a dimmer bathroom space by projecting light into the darker corners of the room. So they serve several key aesthetic and functional purposes.

Tile Backsplashes

You’ll commonly see backsplashes in kitchen designs, but that’s not the only place you can incorporate them. Like in other parts of the home, backsplashes are an effective way to add pops of color or pattern to a space. This creates contrast and increases the visual intrigue and complexity of your design.

Backsplashes, often consisting of intricate tile placements, are also a great way to protect certain areas of your wall from stains, splashes, and damage. As such, they’re particularly helpful in places where you need to clean frequently, like in the shower and near the vanity.

Turn your older bathroom space into a relaxing sanctuary with the help of our team at Prime Custom. Whether you’re looking for a smaller renovation or a full-scale master bathroom remodel in Fredericksburg, VA, our professionals will work with you to ensure you get what you need.

We go to great lengths to account for every detail, including keeping up with the latest design trends and managing your budget, so that you don’t have to. This way, you have the bathroom of your dreams and a less stressful renovation experience as a whole. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what we can do for your home.

7 Stunning Summer Bathroom Décor and Design Trends