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Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

kitchen remodel cost

What Is the Average Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

We want the kitchens, one of the most important corners of our homes, to be clean, useful, and stylish at all times. We need to make renovations in kitchens that do not meet our needs or are deformed. So, how much does a kitchen remodeling cost, and what is the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost? Let’s examine.

First of all, we would like to remind you that the cost of kitchen remodeling varies according to the application to be made, as well as the materials to be preferred for renovation and decoration. It should not be forgotten what the most accurate kitchen renovation cost can be given after the discovery. In addition to the cost, rational solutions and planning are also very important for a complete kitchen remodeling.

As Prime Custom, we strive to offer you the most perfect kitchens. We have been guests of many houses with our experience in the sector for many years. We have always left happy with our customers who have the kitchen of their dreams. You can get to know us and review our renovation projects by watching the video below. Or use a free cost estimator to learn the average cost of kitchen remodeling.

If you do not know how to make sufficient budget planning to renovate the kitchen, you can read the Average cost of partial kitchen remodel section below and get detailed information. In this table, you can see which part of the kitchen will cost on average as a percentage.

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The average cost of partial kitchen remodel

average cost of partial kitchen

Below you can see the average cost of a partial kitchen remodel on the table.  The table Adapted from

Item Budget %
Cabinetry 30
Installation & Labor 16
Appliances 16
Countertops & Backsplashes 10
Flooring 8
Lighting 4
Painting & Drywall 6
Plumbing 2
Design 3



The most expensive part of the kitchen renovation cost is the kitchen cabinets. You should allocate an average of 30% of your kitchen remodeling budget for the kitchen cabinet. This is because the kitchen cabinet is the basic furniture of the kitchen. Most materials go to the kitchen cabinet, and most labor is carried out for the kitchen cabinet.

Installation & Labor

Installation & Labor kitchen

The other most important cost is installation & labor cost. If you are not doing a DIY project, there will be installation and labor costs. The second most important cost is labor, as workers are the people who do the main work. 15% installation and installation cost will be reflected in your budget on average.



White goods and small appliances are known as kitchen appliances. This cost will vary depending on the innovation you will make. If you are going to make a renovation compatible with your items, you can use the same items. If you are going to make a complete change, the cost of appliances will be 15% on average.

Countertops & Backsplash

Countertops & Backsplash

Kitchen countertop and tile renovation are one of the major costs. If you want to renovate a kitchen, you can get great results with tile and countertop renovation. This is one of the changes that will make a difference in your kitchen. It is reflected in your cost as an average of 10%.



Kitchens with aging floors will lose their old stylish look. This will be one of the structures that need to be changed in your new kitchen. Flooring covers 8% of the average kitchen renovation budget. The cost will vary depending on the type of flooring you choose. E.g; PVC, wooden or concrete floors…


Kitchen Lighting

Lighting covers 4% of the kitchen renovation cost. This cost will increase or decrease depending on the lighting model you choose. A chandelier or spotlighting prices are different from each other. Spotlighting cost is much higher than chandelier cost.


Kitchen Painting

You can have to brand new kitchens with painting, which covers 6% of the kitchen renovation cost. Colors are the most important source of change. That’s why painting is an important stage for kitchen renovation. Do not neglect to allocate 6% of your budget for painting. For great new kitchens, painting needs to be done first.



Plumbing replacements also cover 2% of the kitchen renovation cost. Although it is often included in the installation cost, it can also be calculated as a separate cost. Depending on the depth of the work to be done, it will be reflected you as electrical and plumbing cost.



Design cost depends entirely on how much you budget for your design. In general, this rate is 2% in completely renovated kitchens. Flowers, wall panels, paintings, and all the items you need for design are included in the design cost.

Types of Kitchen Remodel Cost

Types of Kitchen Remodel Cost

  • Custom kitchen remodel cost
  • Ready-made kitchen remodel cost
  • DIY kitchen remodel cost

Kitchens are divided into two ready-made kitchens and custom-made kitchens. DIY kitchen remodels cost, on the other hand, is a renovation made entirely by your own efforts.

Ready-made kitchens offer more than one different model and alternative because they are mass-produced, so for every budget kitchen model. Ready-made kitchen prices are both affordable compared to custom-made kitchens, and custom-made kitchens are made in a shorter time.
A custom-made kitchen, on the other hand, does not have a certain standard as it is specially designed for your home. It is completely shaped according to the wishes and demands of the homeowner and the dimensions and location of the house. Therefore, custom-made kitchens may vary in price. So how to make our kitchens more relaxing, comforting, and fancy? You can make a kitchen remodel from the beginning if you have enough time and budget.

Complete kitchen remodeling, replacement of old kitchen cabinets, renovation of the kitchen counter, wall and floor tiles and ceramics, floor covering, lighting, ceiling decorations as well as it covers many jobs such as electrical and plumbing renovations. The materials used in kitchen renovation and the decoration style you will make in your kitchen will also affect your budget.

When you call us Prime Custom, we come for a free estimation. We offer our estimation service professionally. We quickly offer our price quote. Do not wait any longer to decide to work with us for your complete kitchen remodeling work. Call now and get a quote for free discovery support!