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Kitchen Layout Ideas

Kitchen Layout Ideas

Kitchen Layout Ideas

Today, the kitchen is not just a cooking and eating area, but a sharing area where we spend most of our time. Every home’s kitchen has a different shape. Therefore, the kitchen layout of each house is different from the other. Kitchen layout ideas are very important for you to use your kitchen most functionally. That’s why you need to choose the most perfect kitchen layout types for your kitchen while having a kitchen remodel. Also, kitchen layout types determine your average cost of kitchen remodeling

The most perfect kitchen layout ideas are with you with Prime Custom. Today we will examine 6 types of kitchen layouts in detail with you. Which is the best layout for your kitchen and which kitchen layout ideas are more suitable for your kitchen? Let’s look together.

What is the best layout for the kitchen?

What is the best layout for the kitchen

The most important part of kitchen design is to determine a layout. The kitchen layout determines how we will act most functionally in the space while preparing food or spending time in the kitchen. The best kitchen layout for a kitchen varies depending on the space available and the level of efficiency and convenience you desire.

In general, the placement of the working triangle determines the efficiency of the kitchen. This triangle; is the area defined by the location of the refrigerator, stove, and sink. A compact triangle limits the distance between these important devices. When choosing the right kitchen layout for your home, you should make sure that you consider the working triangle that works best for your family and your kitchen. Of course, these layout plans vary according to the size of the kitchen. Let’s explore together the 6 kitchen layouts you should know before decorating the kitchen!

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Let’s start then.

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What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

When it comes to kitchen layout, many different designs come to mind. Kitchen layouts can come in many shapes and sizes, but cabinets, appliances, and seating are usually divided into 6 basic categories. We have compiled the most popular kitchen layouts for you. Check out our guide below to find out now.

  1. The Galley Layout

The Galley Layout

The galley kitchen layout; is narrow and lean. In this plan, the countertop and cabinets are located along two opposite walls. This kitchen layout is usually best suited for small kitchen remodel ideas. In a kitchen layout, the best way to avoid shrinking the space is to expand the counter space next to the most used appliances. To increase storage space, you might consider adding a pantry cabinet adjacent to the kitchen. Small kitchens such as the 8×10 kitchen layout are typically designed for a single cook. Intelligent space planning will help optimize functionality in a tight space. Spreading kitchen utensils on both sides of the kitchen keeps the work triangle open. The stone countertops used for the kitchen layout are perfect for cooking or serving meals, and the light-colored cabinets help the space feel spacious.

Tips for Galley Kitchen Layout

  • Avoid using more cabinets than necessary. Go for open shelving instead. Choose modern, straight-line cabinet doors. Use handleless or integrated handle units, fully built-in appliances.
  • Lay ceramic or parquet crosswise on the floor. This makes the space appear large.
  • Do not ignore the work triangle. Thus, the stove and refrigerator are not in opposite corners, and two people will not have difficulty cooking at the same time.
  1. The L Shaped Layout

L Type Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen layout; is the most classic. It offers extra space for users and flexible working opportunities. This plan works best when the kitchen wall is L-shaped. Another advantage of an L-shaped kitchen is that it can center the table in the space. This brings the family closer to the place where the meals are prepared and allows them to be close to the host who is preparing the meal while the guests have a pleasant time. This open space can also be combined with a kitchen island to expand storage and create a workspace. The sink and dishwasher are usually along one wall and the refrigerator on the other, creating a wide working triangle.

Tips for L-shaped Kitchen Layout

  • Cover only two walls with cabinetry and leave the middle area empty.
  • Try to leave equal counter space on both sides of the sink and stove to make the space more efficient and spacious.
  • If you have room at the end of the counter, create a snack area with a small table or raised counter.
  • Make use of every corner with wire bottle holders, pull-out systems, revolving shelves.
  • If you don’t have a window, there is no natural light source. In such a case, create a bright space with countertop lights. In particular, point spotlights illuminate the working or cooking area directly, making your work easier.
  1. The U-Shaped Layout

u Type Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen layout It is a layout plan in which all three walls are used. This kitchen layout offers a very large working area. A U-shaped kitchen allows the cook to be part of the action in the next room. U-shaped kitchens are great for cooks who love to cook because they have lots of open counter space that comes in handy when cooking or preparing a large menu. Much attention should be paid to the working triangle in this layout. If the kitchen appliances are too close together, you can narrow the space.

Tips for U-shaped Kitchen Layout

  • Create a compact plan, taking into account the kitchen working triangle, to make the most of the space.
  • If you want a kitchen island, place the sink or stove on the island.
  • If the sink and stove are on the same wall, do not leave too wide gaps between them. Ideal distance: 80 cm.
  • You can maximize your storage space by adding special shelving systems inside the angled cabinets on two corners.
  • If you have a long kitchen, you can create a dining area by designing an integrated peninsula at the end of one of the counters.
  1. The Island Layout

The island kitchen layout is a kitchen layout that helps to create a functional working triangle that provides a comfortable working area for large kitchens. This L-shaped kitchen layout features an island in the middle. Kitchen islands are best implemented in kitchens that are at least 3×3 meters wide and L-shaped kitchens that open to another area. You can increase the functionality of your kitchen by equipping the island with a stovetop or sink. To create a comfortable dining area, you can equip the island with bar stools and turn them into a useful table. A built-in kitchen island offers extra storage. You can use the drawers and open shelves on the island to increase the storage capacity of the kitchen. Click to learn kitchen island costs.

Tips for Island Kitchen Layout

  • When placing the kitchen island, make sure to leave enough space to open the cabinet and appliance doors and to move around the island easily. 90cm is a good size for a useful kitchen island.
  • If your installation is suitable when planning a kitchen island, plan one of the washing or cooking units here.
  • If the island has a stove, also use extra drawers for pots and pans.
  1. The Peninsula Layout

Penisula Kitchen

In the idea of The peninsula kitchen layout, that is, the P-shaped kitchen layout. The P-shaped layout consists of an L-shaped or U-shaped plan that extends part of the kitchen counter into the room to create a peninsula. This creates an additional workspace without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

Tips For The Peninsula Kitchen Layout

  • The designer may choose a P-shaped plan to maximize the layout of a house.
  • You can add extra work and storage space to the U-shaped environment with the peninsula’s counter and base cabinets.
  • The open kitchen design connects the kitchen to the adjacent dining area.
  1. The One Wall Kitchen Layout

One Wall Kitchen

The one wall kitchen layout; is a single-wall kitchen layout called the Pullman Kitchen. It is often used in small kitchen designs such as studio apartments or lofts. Because in small kitchens, Pulman design provides the highest level of space-saving. Single wall kitchen plans are mostly used in narrow and long kitchens. Since the kitchen is narrow, an L-shaped or mutual settlement is not possible. In such cases, the important thing is to choose a kitchen unit that will use the single wall as efficiently as possible.

Tips For The One Wall Kitchen Layout

  • A safe area is created by fixing cabinets and appliances to a single wall.
  • Most modern designs also include an island that transforms the space into a corridor and a kind of gallery-style.
  • You can use cabinets up to the ceiling to minimize the idle space in the kitchen.
  • You can save space by using a single wall most functionally. Kitchen cabinets with a large interior volume will be very functional.

Now you have been learned the kitchen layout ideas. Contact us to get the best kitchen layout ideas for your kitchen. 

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