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Kitchen Remodeling Process

step by step kitchen remodeling process

Kitchen Remodeling Process

Want to change your kitchen’s design or style? But you don’t know how to do it? For example, when remodeling a kitchen what comes first floors or cabinets? Then you need a kitchen to remodel the project plan template. The kitchen remodeling process is very detailed and careful. Renovating a kitchen requires professionalism. When you say kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, floor, pantry, small kitchen appliances, it is necessary to fit many items in a single space. It is very important to create a functional kitchen from the available space since not every kitchen has a very large and wide area.

Since kitchen remodeling is a detailed project, the process takes about 1 month. This period will vary depending on the kitchen renovation method you choose. If you are not going to do DIY kitchen remodeling, a professional kitchen remodeling company will deliver your new kitchen within the time you specify. However, DIY kitchen remodeling will involve a risky and longer process. That’s why you can work with a professional kitchen remodeling contractor to have a more functional kitchen that fits your budget. Kitchen remodeling cost changes according to your needs.

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Now we will provide you with detailed information about the kitchen remodeling process.

The Complete Guide to the Kitchen Remodeling Process

kitchen remodeling guide

The kitchen remodeling process must be done by following certain steps. For example, first of all, it must be determined whether the innovation will be DIY or Contractor. Afterward, many steps need to be followed such as planning, demolition of the kitchen, and construction of the new kitchen. You can see the following steps of the kitchen remodeling process.

Steps of Kitchen Remodeling Process

By following the steps below, you can simplify the kitchen remodeling process.

  1. Decide how to remodel your kitchen, DIY or a Contractor?
  2. Planning – Determining of Budget & Layout
  3. Moving white goods and kitchen utensils to a safe area
  4. Demolishing of Old Kitchen
  5. Repairing of electricity and plumbing
  6. Fix wall roughness
  7. Painting Wall & Ceiling
  8. Laying backsplash & tiles
  9. Installing kitchen cabinets & island
  10. Laying the kitchen floor
  11. Installing White goods & kitchen appliances
  12. Finishing Touches

Let’s start to review the details of the kitchen remodeling process.

  1. Decide how to remodel your kitchen, DIY or a Contractor?

kitchen remodeling contractor

Kitchens are essential living spaces. The kitchen must be functional and useful for people who spend a significant part of their day in the kitchen. For this reason, kitchens should be optimized for the use of the person. Kitchen renovation requires professionalism. DIY kitchen remodeling is a kitchen remodeling process that you can do with a low budget. However, how long this process will take, whether you will exceed your budget, and the problems that may occur in the installations may cause you extra money and time loss. That’s why you can have your new kitchen in a shorter time by working with companies that make budget kitchen remodeling.

  1. Planning – Determining of Budget & Layout

kitchen layout

Once you have decided on the kitchen renovation method, the actual process will begin. Here we will help you, assuming you have chosen a kitchen remodeling contractor. The planning stage is the most important stage to reveal the design of your kitchen. Because at this stage, the budget is determined and kitchen materials suitable for your budget are chosen. In addition, a layout is drawn for your kitchen by your needs and the shape of the kitchen. There are options such as L-shaped, U-shaped, One Wall kitchen, galley kitchen, peninsula layout, and island layout. By examining our kitchen layout ideas content, you can have an idea about the design of your kitchen.

After the kitchen remodeling budget and kitchen layout are determined, the renovation phase begins. First of all, the utensils in the kitchen must be moved out of the kitchen.

  1. Moving white goods and kitchen utensils to a safe area

moving white goods

Kitchens have a lot of stuff. When it comes to kitchen utensils, white goods, pots, pans, plates, and glasses, most of them are items that can break and be damaged. For this reason, you will need to dedicate a safe area of your home to these items. For example, it is important to move the refrigerator to an area where you can unplug it and use it in the renovation process. Keeping other food utensils in an accessible area will prevent confusion during this process.

Yes, now that the kitchen has been emptied, it’s time to demolish the old kitchen and build the new one!

  1. Demolishing of Old Kitchen

demolish old kitchen

It is important to take security measures at this stage when the old kitchen will be demolished. For example, when dismantling the old kitchen cabinet, you should act carefully and cautiously. If the kitchen remodeling contractor is going to do this job, he knows very well which area should be demolished first, taking safety precautions. Accordingly, old kitchen cabinets are dismantled. The old kitchen island is brought out of the kitchen. The kitchen worktop is broken. If the layout will change, the windows are removed. All of these stages will vary depending on your kitchen renovation project. But after demolishing of old kitchen steps is completed, there will be no trace of your old kitchen!

  1. Repairing of electricity and plumbing

repair kitchen installations

Now, the plumbing renovation process, which is the first phase of your new kitchen, can begin. At this stage, old installations are repaired and new installations are made by the new layout. For example, old pipes in water installations are replaced by replacing them. If there is a problem in electrical installations, it is solved and cables are replaced with new ones. After all these stages are completed, it’s time to remove the roughness on the walls!

  1. Fix Wall Roughness

smooth kitchen walls

After the electrical and plumbing installations are repaired, the irregularities and slopes that may occur on your walls must be corrected. In addition, if the windows are broken, a new wall should be built and these walls should be fixed and ready to be painted. At this stage, concrete mortar is used to level the walls. Sandpaper is used to remove the roughness.

  1. Painting Wall & Ceiling

kitchen wall painting

After the walls are shaped, there is wall and ceiling paint next. You can choose light or dark colors on the walls, depending on the size of your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you may prefer dark wall paint. However, if you have a small kitchen, we recommend you choose light-colored wall paint. Light-colored paint will help your kitchen appear larger. Of course, the tile and floor color you choose is of great importance here.

  1. Laying backsplash and tiles

kitchen tiles laying

Tiles & backsplash are one of the most important parts of your kitchen. It should be resistant to water and humidity. Because it is an area that will constantly come into contact with water. You can make your kitchen look stylish by choosing from the modern tile options preferred in recent years. The point you need to pay attention to here is that if you have a small kitchen, you should not prefer multi-patterned products. Patterned tiles can make the space appear more complex if your kitchen is small. That’s why we recommend choosing tile models according to the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen by examining our Small kitchen remodel ideas content, you can find out what you should pay attention to in design.

  1. Installing Kitchen Cabinets & Islands

kitchen cabinet installation

Now it’s time to assemble the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island, the most important storage area of your kitchen. At this stage, the kitchen cabinet and island are made according to the materials you have chosen. Also, if you want and your kitchen is convenient, a pantry can be built. After the kitchen cabinet, countertops and sinks are placed. After the kitchen cabinet and other storage areas are installed, the shape of your kitchen will begin to emerge.

  1. Laying the kitchen floor

kitchen flooring

Although tiles are generally preferred for the kitchen floor, options such as laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, and solid hardwood have also been very popular in recent years. This is a product you will choose depending on your budget. Do not forget that the kitchen floor must also be resistant to water and moisture. In this way, in case of any water leakage, your floor will get rid of this work with minimum damage.

  1. Installing White goods & kitchen appliances

installing kitchen appliances

Now you have come to the end of the kitchen remodeling process. It’s time to assemble the items you love so much in their new location. At this stage, white goods, small kitchen utensils, pans, pots, and similar items that should be in the kitchen are put back into place. Here comes your new kitchen! There’s only one thing left to do, the room final touches!

  1. Finishing Touches

finishing kitchen decor

Finally, you can add new air to your kitchen with small touches. If you have a large wall, you can use a table. You can decorate the kitchen island with small knick-knacks and fruit bowls. And of course flowers! You can liven up your kitchen with elegant flower or plant details.

Your new kitchen is now ready to use! Enjoy your new kitchen!

Conclusion: Meet your kitchen remodeling contractor

Yes, you’ve got your dream kitchen. You have learned step-by-step kitchen remodeling with the kitchen remodeling process above. You can find out the kitchen remodeling cost by contacting the kitchen remodeling company immediately. Do not wait any longer to get the kitchen of your dreams and if you are in search of budget kitchen remodeling in Virginia, contact us now.