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Modernize Your Space: Open Shower Ideas for Bathroom Makeovers

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What is an Open Shower? An open shower is a modern bathroom remodel idea where the shower area is not enclosed by doors. This design makes your bathroom look bigger and more welcoming. It’s especially good for older folks or anyone who needs easy access to the shower. But, remember, open showers might not be for everyone since they offer less privacy and need a bigger bathroom space to work well​.

Open Shower Concept Ideas

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open shower concept
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Designing Your Open Shower

Space is Key

First things first, you need enough room. An open shower needs space around it to keep water from getting everywhere. Think about having at least six feet of space from where you enter to where the shower starts​.

Privacy Options

If you’re not keen on the idea of a completely open space, don’t worry. There are clever ways to add some privacy. You could use a half-wall, a frosted glass panel, or even a curtain that you can pull across when needed​.

Shower and Tub Together

If you’ve got a big bathroom, why not have both a shower and a tub? You can set them up so they look separate but still keep that open, airy feel​.

Style and Decoration Ideas

Nature Inside

To make your bathroom a calming place, try adding plants or using materials that remind you of nature, like stones or wood​.


You can choose a theme for your bathroom. For a beachy feel, use light blues and whites. If you prefer something classic, go for a Mediterranean look with creamy tiles and wooden accents​.

Unique Designs

Don’t be afraid to try something different. A curved wall in the shower or different tile designs can make your bathroom stand out​.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Shower

How can I keep my open shower private?

Use dividers like glass panels or partial walls to balance openness with a bit of privacy​.

Aren’t open showers cold?

They can be. To stay warm, think about adding a heat lamp or heated floors​.

What about water splashing out of the shower?

Plan for a non-slip floor and consider a half-wall or special showerhead to keep water in the shower area.


The idea is to make your open shower a blend of style and practicality. Remember, talking to a bathroom design expert can help you align your dream design with the realities of your space.