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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

small bathroom decor

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathrooms are often among small-scale living spaces. Bathrooms, which are not given much attention in terms of decoration, are actually one of the most important places that add elegance and functionality to living spaces. A properly decorated bathroom helps you to relieve the tiredness and stress of the day, while also allowing you to create a pleasant cleaning routine. Although the usage area of ​​the bathroom is the main factor for creating a functional space, with the right choices, it can be used to create a wider and wider space in small and narrow bathrooms. it is possible to obtain a spacious view. If you also think that your bathroom is small, you can have a more useful and spacious space with a few skillful touches.

In this content, you can find inspiring small bathroom designs and decoration ideas. Here are some creative decoration suggestions for small bathrooms. Read the article for stylish and modern small bathroom designs. Check out the solutions of Prime Custom as a bathroom remodeling company that will make your bathroom look much larger than it is.

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The size of the rooms in our house varies depending on the number of people spending time in that room and the activities performed. Bathrooms are usually located between small volume rooms. If the area reserved for the bathroom in your house is quite small, you need to consider many important points when arranging this area. We know that a properly organized small bathroom can be much more functional and comfortable than a large wrongly organized bathroom. The many tips you can use to decorate your bathroom can help you use this room more effectively.

Let’s start.

Use a Large Mirror

Wide and large mirrors are an effective way to create the illusion of spaciousness in small spaces. If you choose the mirror you will use among the large models, you can get a more spacious bathroom. However, this mirror can reflect more light in the room, allowing you to capture a brighter atmosphere.

large bathroom mirror

Choose Monochrome Colors

For small bathroom decoration, choose a monochromatic color palette consisting of different tones of a single color.

A minimal decoration scheme can be created by choosing decoration elements such as tiles and stone surfaces, bathroom textiles, and accessories from different shades of color that are compatible with each other. With this monochrome harmony, you can prevent the formation of eye-catching details in your small bathroom. For example, you can catch a simple and stylish atmosphere in your bathroom, where you will mainly use different shades of gray.

monochrome colors bathroom decor

Take Advantage of Tiles

You can make this small space look larger than it is by choosing light-colored and eye-catching tiles on the walls of the bathroom. Especially bright white tiles that reflect a lot of light can be quite suitable for this job. In addition, we can suggest that you create the illusion of ceiling height by using the tiles in favor of thin and long rectangular ones.

vertical bathroom tiles

Create Extra Space

With the useful areas, you will create in your small bathroom, you can store your belongings in the bathroom much more effectively. You can consider choosing functional wall niches, open and hidden shelving systems. In this way, you can use a small amount of free space as effectively as possible. We would like to remind you that placing bottled products such as shampoo and shower gel in niches on bathroom walls is a very modern decoration trend.

extra space in small bathroom

Expand The Sink Countertop

Double sink countertops are very useful for large families, but small bathrooms may not have enough space to accommodate double sink countertops. Instead, bathroom counters designed in a longer than normal way can create a substantial amount of extra space. Thanks to the large area obtained with the long bench, two people can easily prepare in front of the mirror, and bathroom items and decorative products can be placed in this area.

large bathroom sink

Give a Chance to Transparent Shower

 In your small bathroom, we recommend choosing a transparent glass shower cabin instead of using a frosted glass shower cabin or shower curtain. In this way, you can not divide the already small space with opaque, dark materials and make the space look spacious and bright. With this way, you get a much more modern and minimal environment and increase the light transmittance in the environment.

transparent shower

Decorate in White

Sometimes it can be described as boring, but an all-white bathroom makes this small space look bigger and brighter than it actually is. In addition, you should not forget that the decoration styles applied with completely white color are timeless choices that never go out of fashion. You can easily diversify the white decoration with interesting and soft details such as marble countertops, light-colored cabinet doors, tiles in neutral tones.

white small bathroom

Place Skylight

Increasing the amount of natural light is one of the easy ways to make a small space look bigger and brighter. A skylight is an interesting option that can be preferred when the windows are not enough. If your apartment is convenient, you could try creating a skylight in your bathroom.

skylight in bathroom

Use Boxes And Baskets

You can provide order and organization in open shelves, cabinets, and drawers with wicker baskets and boxes. In this way, each item has a certain place and you can prevent the mess from quickly falling apart. However, you can get a much more harmonious and eye-catching decoration with baskets and boxes displayed on the open surfaces you prefer.

bathroom accessories

Differentiate Your Sink

If you have a very small bathroom, you can save space with a freestanding bowl sink arrangement instead of classical washbasin systems with large cabinets. If you prefer a bowl sink for bathroom decoration, you can create storage solutions with different cabinets and shelves in different corners of the bathroom. And also, you can achieve an extremely stylish and stylish look with the bathroom mirror that you will combine with the bowl washbasin.

different sink models

Decorate With Ladder

You can create a space where you can hang towels, bathrobes, and other textile products with a decorative ladder that you can place in a suitable corner, on the wall, or behind the closet. In this way, you can enrich the decoration with the ladder, which functions as a stylish accessory as well as creating hanging solutions without making your small bathroom even smaller.

bathroom ladder ideas

Include More Mirrors

Thanks to their reflective properties, mirrors reflect light and help environments appear larger. Therefore, placing mirrors of various sizes in different parts of the bathroom can provide you with a larger and more spacious room. In addition to the large mirror above the sink, we recommend you consider functionality by including mirrors with different features such as circular make-up mirrors and tiny hand mirrors in the decoration.

mirrors in small bath

Maintain İntegrity

We recommend that you continue the tile you prefer on the bathroom walls on many surfaces of the bathroom, without dividing it as much as possible. For example, by using the bathroom tiles used for the walls in the shower tray coating, you can provide integrity in the decoration and prevent the formation of an eye-tiring and messy environment.

small bathroom decor

Here you read the small bathroom decor ideas from a different perspective. With Prime Custom you can have the best small bathroom decor ideas with your remodeling projects. Benefit our small bathroom decor ideas here and if you need help to decorate your bathroom contact Prime Custom for the bathroom remodeling.