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French Country Kitchen Decor

french country kitchen decor ideas

French Country Kitchen Decor

For the French, who have an important place among world cuisines, the kitchen should have a very cheerful and lively decoration so that they can have a pleasant time when the family is together. French kitchens, which reflect a spacious style, fascinate women with their elegant and flawless designs that will create a modern atmosphere in your homes.

French cuisine is a form of decoration that makes you fall in love with it when you see it, and where exaggeration and vanity are the most basic elements. In addition to color harmony and comfort, you can easily find everything you are looking for in French-style decoration with elegant designs created with classical lines.

Although exaggerated furniture and gold leaf items are common in French-style kitchens, naturalness and elegance are just as important. Wooden beams, white walls, colorfully processed tiles, copper pots are among the details of the traditional French style that never go out of style. Handmade carved chairs and tables, stone chandeliers, which are frequently encountered in classical kitchen designs, maintain their ostentatious characteristics even though they are replaced by new products with today’s advancing technology.

f you spend most of your day in your kitchen; You can choose regular, useful, and modern-classic style French country kitchen decor designed using old-style furniture made of natural colors or wooden handicrafts, where all items are in place. You can create a French atmosphere in your kitchen with nostalgic accessories made of copper and earth on the table and floral nature paintings on the wall or kitchen cabinets.

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Features of French Kitchen Designs

features of french kitchen design

  • Despite the changing fashion trends over the years, they maintain their characteristic features.
  • It creates a friendly atmosphere where the whole family can have a pleasant time together.
  • It awakens energy and vitality in people.
  • Since kitchens have an authentic atmosphere, the use of natural wood in kitchen cabinets is common.
  • The lighting usually uses elegant lighting such as classic crystal chandeliers or wrought iron candlesticks.
  • It is among the ideal kitchen decorations for women who are bored with the formal atmosphere of modern styles.

11 Suggestions to Create French Country Kitchen Decor

french country kitchen decor

  1. You can get a perfect harmony with the wall color you choose in earth tones or wallpaper models in yellow tones in your French-style kitchen.
  2. You can decorate your kitchen shelves with flower-patterned plates, hand-painted ceramic roosters, flour, and sugar jars.
  3. Choose wicker decor products among kitchen products.
  4. If you want to create a completely French atmosphere in the kitchens, you can choose sympathetic accessories such as wicker baskets and fragrant flowers.
  5. You can include romantic details in this style of kitchen model.
  6. In the selection of chandeliers, you can choose elegant models that can fit the French sense of romance.
  7. You can achieve a very good harmony with the decoration by using turquoise color in the accessories used.
  8. You can choose natural wood for kitchen cabinets and flooring.
  9. For kitchen counters, you can use moss green and blue tiles in white or in addition to white.
  10. If you want to remove the excess crowd in the kitchens, you can make more of your kitchen cabinets.
  11. In kitchen designs, you can capture very stylish visuals with intense lighting systems and light-colored cabinets.

How to decorate a french kitchen?

how to decorate french country kitchen

  • The colors to be used in this style of decoration should be in lumpy tones.
  • Besides the cream color, colors such as beige, light golden yellow, and ivory should be used as an alternative color.
  • Auxiliary colors such as dark green, blue, turquoise, red, and burgundy should be used to add more vitality to the decoration and reflect the French style.
  • Natural wood should be used on the cabinet and floor.
  • In addition to natural wood, light-colored ceramics such as aqua green or cobalt blue should be used with white as the main color on sinks.
  • In addition to the classical chandeliers that are frequently used, cast candlesticks and iron chandeliers should be preferred.
  • The light in the kitchen should be intense and not disturbing.
  • The furniture to be used in the kitchen must be handmade.

25 Best French Country Kitchen Decor Ideas