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What are Country-style Kitchen and Trending Country Kitchen Ideas?

Country Kitchen Ideas

What are country-style kitchen and trending country kitchen ideas?

A country kitchen is a traditional American style that we used to from old times. On the other hand, just like a passion for vintage, country-style kitchens are very popular these days. So, what is a country kitchen? Why do people prefer it today? And what are a country kitchen design and general characteristics? Let’s find out everything about modern country kitchen.

Below you can see common country kitchen decorating ideas that are popular this year. If you are keen to make changes in your life, you can start with a great kitchen remodel in these depressing Covid-19 days. Prime Custom is a great home remodeling company. You can contact us for more great designs and ideas.

How do you Make a Country Kitchen Look Modern?

A country kitchen is about the old lifestyle of ordinary rural American farms. Country style is about the farmhouse’s similar design. As more people get bored from the daily routine of modern city life, country decoration style became more and more popular.

There are no strict rules about country kitchen ideas. But of course, there are some characteristics of this kitchen style. First of all, the general layout and materials should look vintage. The general color style should be bright and pastel colors. On the other hand, wood and rock with other organics are the general materials of this decoration type. And of course, there are so many other details about creating an aesthetic such as a warm wood-burning stove or floral shapes with the tiles.

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Although the general appearance of a country-style kitchen resembles a memory from grandparents, today’s farmhouse kitchens are way more different from the old examples. Today more modern amenities and technologies are common with country-style kitchens. Even though people feel nostalgic about the old, they can’t give up on the benefits of the modern era. So, country style is a trend that combines old with modern and makes it possible to have all the convenience with a vintage look.

Color for a Country Kitchen

What is a Good Color for a Country Kitchen?

White is the general and traditional main color of country style. All the memories must be leaving you the wide and welcoming images of white cabinets when you close your eyes. White is perfect to create a spacious look in your kitchen design. But if you want to go for a more personal look, you can go with softer hues such as pale green or light straw. Using double or more colors also gives great results. Soft green lines with pale white cabinets or tiles can have a wonderful look.

Natural shades with pastel colors are also another option. You can catch a country kitchen mood with Pantone colors.

Trending in Kitchens 2021

What is Trending in Kitchens 2021?

So, what are the trends in country kitchens for this year? Here are the most popular kitchen ideas about country kitchen decor.

More Pattern for More Attention

  1. More Pattern for More Attention

    The traditional patterns for country style may be tweeds or plaid blankets, but there are more modern trends in today’s kitchens. Flowers, forests, or interesting stripes are very common inspirations for pattern selection.
    Also, you should consider other materials, furniture, and materials with patterns. But you should be careful to fit them into your tiles and flooring. Your tables, mugs, or towels which are displayed can have a matched pattern with your kitchen design.

    Emphasize the Mood with Antique

  2. Emphasize the Mood with Antique

    You can create a better country look with some pairs of antiques if you don’t like modern. Find a second-hand table-chair set, or use some old stuff that your grandma had in her kitchen. It is possible to choose so many examples from clocks, furniture, or appliances only if they are old.

    Old Looking Appliances

  3. Find Some Old Looking Appliances

    As old looking is the main idea about country style, try to replace modern gadgets with historical ones. Or make them look like, or hide them. For example, a nostalgic fridge seems great with the general appearance, but if you don’t give up your state-of-art freezer, install cabinetry that fits the general style that covers it. Also, there is much new hardware that their manufacturer makes them look nostalgic. Use them in your kitchen decor.

  4. Mix Something Even If They don’t FitCountry-style kitchens resemble old, vintage, and don’t have to be perfect. Also, some imperfections will definitely make them look more country. For example, you can decorate your kitchen cabinets with different style handles or pulls. Or, you don’t have to use identical pairs with your kitchen table set. Just find different parts and make them match each other. This is a great method to create a different perspective of the country looking. Show Everything You Have
  5. Bravely Show Everything You Have

    When it comes to old farmhouses, I remember everything is displayed on the shelves. You don’t have to hide everything in your cabinetry or cupboards. On the contrary, show them bravely to create a look that life continues in the house.
    You can choose glass door cabinets, or shelves in order to store everything. Also, more nostalgically, use hooks at different places to hang your cups, towels, or gloves.