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Kitchen Island Ideas & Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

kitchen island ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas & Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen islands are generally the core element of an open-plan kitchen. Most people spend more time in their kitchens, and islands became the focal point to cook, eat, work, or spend enjoyable times with family members and friends. Kitchen islands are used for so many different purposes; cooking, eating, storage, worktable, or even for meetings. And according to these intentions, or for multi-purpose use, you should design, plan, place, and lighten your kitchen islands.

For choosing the most ideal kitchen island, you should decide about your priorities. Do you need a very wide space to prepare meals, or are you a very crowded family, or do you need a perfect and separated area to work? Once you clear your aims, you can consider the choices according to these needs.

The best part of the kitchen remodeling is the kitchen island. The kitchen island is a type of cabinet as storage.

How can I Decorate My Kitchen Island?

So, you considered your needs and tastes. Now it is time to find the best kitchen island for you. According to your decisions, kitchen islands can be long/short, slim/wide, parallel to the working area or in the middle, contain a sink, furnace, or none of them. Kitchen island ideas range according to shape, appliances, material, or using purposes. Also, all kitchen islands have seating configurations and types. From a wide island with many chairs to a couple of bar stools, seating elements are also very important on the kitchen ideas with the island.

So here are some of the very popular kitchen island design ideas.

Try Different Shaped Kitchen Islands

Try a Different Shaped Kitchen Island

Most of the kitchen islands are rectangular and have sharp edges like a traditional table. But you can choose an unusual shape to add more attraction to your kitchen. Try to choose more curved or circular islands with different kitchen island ideas with seating. This will definitely differentiate your kitchen from others.

Add Dining Table

Add a Dining Table

Using an additional dining table with a kitchen island is also very trendy this year. Sometimes, it is wise to use a table with an island if there isn’t sufficient space, or people want to be very close to the preparation area while having a meal. With an additional table, you can have different heights for different purposes. Most people prefer this solution in order to benefit from the space if they don’t have enough to place a dining table as a part of small kitchen island ideas.

Create Contrast with a Brave Color

Create Contrast with a Brave Color

You don’t have to stick with the color of the rest of the kitchen with your island. You can create a wonderful contrast with your cabinets. A daring shade of red or green forest island with neutral grey cabinets may fit your kitchen island décor ideas. And, it is possible to paint them anytime when you get bored. For more kitchen island color ideas, you can contact us.

Extend Your Space with L-Shaped Island

Extend Your Space with L-Shaped Islands

L-shaped kitchen ideas with islands are very popular nowadays because of their extra addition as seating and working space. L-shaped breakfast bars or kitchen islands can both increase functionality while creating a wonderful appearance. Also, they are beneficial because of providing extra space for storage.

Use your Island for Storage

Use your Island for More Storage

A kitchen island is a great opportunity for extra space storage purposes. You can either use open shelves or enclosed ones according to your design and tastes. You should prefer storing less-used materials, even dishes for eating at your islands rather than cooking devices. Because kitchen storage will be more distanced to the working or cooking places. You can check our website for different kitchen island storage ideas.

Increase Luxury with your Island

Above all conditions, needs, and requirements; luxury is also what you deserve. So, you can create your luxury by choosing the proper material. Marbling is the easiest method to make your island fancier. Although it would be a heavy island, a special marble slab will be enough to create your luxury kitchen island ideas.

Widen Your Space with Big and Larger Drawers

Widen Your Space with Big and Larger Drawers

Another wise choice about a kitchen island is about wide drawers. With the help of the 2,4m-wide drawers, you can store so many items while having a wonderful seem.

Choose Mobile Island for more Flexibility

Choose a Mobile Island for more Flexibility

Do you have limited space but you can’t give up from an island? Mobile or portable kitchen islands may be a wonderful solution to your needs. Mobile kitchen island ideas give you the flexibility of designing your kitchen. You can use them for meal preparation and eating, storage, or just for creating a beautiful appearance. But it is not possible to have electrical ports or appliances such as sinks.

Add a sink into your Kitchen Island

An island with a sink can be a great solution, especially for small kitchen island ideas. This way, you will have more space for other purposes such as workspace, or storage. Island with a sink is also very easy to reach when you want to use it.

So, you are planning to spend more time in your beautiful kitchen. You need effective and prominent lighting for your island to extend your time. Here are some great kitchen island lighting ideas.

Prefer Unusual Designs for a Brave Lighting

Modern lighting applications may create a wonderful kitchen design. Different examples such as a pendant with a futuristic use will enlighten the whole kitchen effectively. Also, it will create a modern artwork kitchen appearance.

Make it Modern with Ambient

Make it Modern with Ambient Light

Another modern kitchen design is possible with ambient lighting or downlighting. This way, you will have lighting all over the island, and a fancy look. Mostly, designers use LED lights for downlighting.


Let the Sunshine in!

Natural light in a kitchen is a great solution. If you have a kitchen that has direct daylight from up or sides, it is a perfect solution to make them reflect into the kitchen. The most proper material type for this lighting is glass islands. Glass is very successful in reflecting sunlight and create a great view. This way, you will have a brighter kitchen with the help of proper painting.

Find the Perfect Ambiance

Find the Perfect Ambiance with Pendant

Pendant lighting is one of the most common lighting types of kitchen islands. The kitchen island pendant lighting ideas are commonly focused on a particular area such as an island. As long as you be careful about the space that you work pendant lighting will create a wonderful impression view with the rest of the kitchen.

How much does a Custom Kitchen Island Cost?

Custom kitchen island ideas are generally preferred for special kitchen dimensions and shapes. So, general cost factors are the material, workmanship, and the construction process. Although the cost of a custom island range according to the dimensions, used materials, appliances, and other additional elements such as electricity point; the general custom kitchen island cost ranges between $2500 to $35000.

Should you put placements on the kitchen island?

There are so many kitchen designs and options about adding placements or not. The first important factor is your needs. If you need kitchen island ideas for a small kitchen, appliances on islands may be crucial in order to save space. For example, adding a sink or a furnace will leave you more workspace at the rest of your kitchen countertops. So, whether for a small kitchen or a bigger one, having placements will provide you with additional space and ease of access.

On the other hand, placements with an island can be preferred for design. There are so many fancy kitchen island design ideas that you will fell in love with even if you have plenty of space. So, everything is up to your needs and tastes.

How do you style a large kitchen island?

There are many different methods to style large kitchen islands. But the most proper way is to use different accents, appliances, or items. But the key element is the aesthetic. For example, fine artworks are very common to change all the mood. You can use vases, paintings, or small trinkets to make your island fancier. Color and style adaptation is also very important to catch.

As Prime Custom, we make fine art turnkey projects that you can choose for your kitchen. Our experienced personnel is always ready to help you with your kitchen remodel desires. For more information please contact.