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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets?

kitchen cabinets how to organize

To keep the kitchens organized, the kitchen arrangement tips we will offer you will be very useful. The interiors of kitchen cabinets are places that should be constantly organized. Here are answers to all the questions you have about organizing a kitchen cabinet. For example, how to place cups in the kitchen cabinet? How to place plates in the kitchen cabinet? How do I organize my kitchen? Let’s examine it together.

Step by Step Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Step 1: First of all, you should start by completely emptying the kitchen cabinets inside. Put all the utensils in the kitchen cabinet on the counter and clean the inside of the cabinet.

Step 2: After this stage, you need to decide which item to put in which kitchen cabinet. For example, you can put pots, pans, and cooking utensils in the cabinet next to the stove.

Step 3: Small kitchen appliances, on the other hand, should be collected in a single compartment, if there is a kitchen island, or just under the kitchen counter.

Step 4: At this stage, you can measure the kitchen cabinet shelves. In particular, you can buy kitchen shelves/cabinet organizers that you can use in a very large kitchen cabinet and collect products such as serving plates and bowls in a single cabinet.

Step 5: Highlight the most used kitchen utensils.

Step 6: Arrange the spice rack. Make sure that the spices you use most often are closest to your stove. Also, make sure to store them in glass jars. In this way, you will extend the usage times and you will not compromise on the taste.

How do you decide where to put things in kitchen cabinets?

Before placing the inside of the kitchen cabinet, you should decide which item you use more. For example, if you use small appliances frequently, you can place them on a shelf where you can access them more easily. Or if you use pots and pans frequently, you can put them on the shelf closest to the stove. After providing the kitchen cabinet layout in this way, you can use your kitchen more functionally.

What do you store in upper and lower kitchen cabinets?

You can place items such as pots, pans, and glasses that you usually use more often on the upper shelves of the kitchen cabinet. On the lower shelves of the kitchen cabinet, you can put spoons, forks, and similar products, especially in the drawer parts. In addition, you can easily access the lower shelves by placing plastic preparation containers.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Replace fixed cabinet shelves with sliding shelves.

Fixed kitchen cabinet shelves are not functional. By choosing sliding shelves instead, you can put more items on the same shelf and you can easily access all items.

sliding kitchen cabinet shelves

Use narrow kitchen cabinet shelves as spice racks.

If you have a narrow and long shelf in your kitchen cabinet, you can use that area as a spice rack.

kitchen cabinet shelves as spice racks

How to organize glass kitchen cabinets?

Glasses are usually exhibited in glass kitchen cabinets. Therefore, you can get a modern look by placing the glasses regularly.

glass kitchen cabinet organization

Create a recycling space in the kitchen cabinet.

If you have a large shelf at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, you can make it a recycling area where you can throw plastic, glass, and paper waste.

recycling in kitchen cabinet

Get a kitchen cabinet drawer organizer.

With drawer organizers, products such as spoons, forks, and knives in your cabinet drawers will look more organized.

drawer organizer

Get under countertop organizers.

You can arrange under the sink, which is an idle area, by purchasing under-the-countertop organizers.

under countertop organization

Create an area in the kitchen cabinet where you can put cleaning materials.

Create an area in the kitchen cabinet where you can put cleaning materials. This cabinet shelf should be placed in an area away from cooking utensils. The smell of detergent or cleaning material should not permeate the pots.

kitchen cabinet cleaning products

Kitchen pantry organization

If your kitchen cabinet is large enough, you can reserve a shelf or cabinet that you can use as a pantry.

Kitchen pantry organizer

Open shelving organization

Open shelves have been very fashionable in recent years. You can put decoration products or your most-used kitchen utensils on the open shelves that you can see in every kitchen cabinet design.

kitchen cabinet Open shelving organization

Kitchen cabinet wine bottle organizer

If you are a wine lover, you can add a different atmosphere to your kitchen cabinet by purchasing shelves where you can put wine bottles.

Kitchen cabinet wine bottle

Pots and pans organizer

You can use the inside of the cabinet more functionally by buying a pots and pans organizer. In this way, when removing one pot, the other one does not fall or break.

kitchen cabinet Pots and pans organizer

Corner kitchen cabinet organizer

You can use spice organizers in corner kitchen cabinets. Or you can put other small items in these areas and put more items on other shelves.

Corner kitchen cabinet organization

kitchen snack cabinet organization

If you love snacks, you can use a shelf for snacks in the kitchen cabinet.

snack cabinet organization


If kitchen cabinet organizing ideas are not enough for you, it means it’s time to change your kitchen cabinet. You can have a more functional kitchen cabinet by replacing your old kitchen cabinet with a new one.

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